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Blood/Nerve Supply of Kidneys

Renal Artery
the _____ supplies the kidney with all of the blood that needs to be filtered
Renal Blood Flow
the combined output/input of blood in both kidneys is called _____; in health adults, it is about 1200mL/min
Segmental Artery
the renal artery divides into _____, which supply the different areas of the kidney
Interlobar Artery
the segmental artery goes into the parenchyma and goes in between the renal columns and surrounds the side of each renal pyramid, and becomes the _____
Arcuate Artery
when the interlobar artery goes up the length of the renal pyramid, it arches over the top of the renal pyramid (between the renal cortex and medulla) and now becomes the _____
Interlobular Artery
when the arcuate artery is done arching, it now travels from the top of the renal pyramid and passes over into the renal cortex; because it passes from one main lobe of the kidney to the next, it is called the _____
Afferent Arteriole
the interlobular artery at this point is extremely small, and now branches off into _____, which goes off into each individual nephron; provides the supply of blood that is about to be filtered
Glomerulus (Glomerular Capillary)
the tiny afferent arteriole that is now in the nephron branches out into a tiny capillary system, _____; this is where the blood is actually taken into the nephron
Efferent Arteriole
the glomerulus reunites into the _____, which carries the filtered blood out of the glomerulus
Peritubular Capillary
the efferent arteriole divides into the _____, which surround parts of the nephron
Vasa Recta
the capillaries that extend from some efferent arterioles are _____, which supply tubular portions of the nephron in the medulla region
Peritubular Venule
the peritubular capillaries eventually reunite to form the _____; at this point, the blood is already filtered and ready to be sent to the heart to be circulated
Interlobular Vein
the peritubular venule combine and make the _____; it receives blood from the vasa recta
Arcuate Vein
the interlobular vein eventually makes it's way back to the top arch of the renal pyramid and is now called the _____
Interlobar Vein
the arcuate vein goes over the top arch of the renal pyramid and goes down the side of the pyramid, between the renal columns; at this point, it is now called the _____
Renal Vein
the interlobar vein now empties into a large, main _____; at this point, the blood is now headed out of the kidney and towards the inferior vena cava to be brought to the heart
Celiac Ganglion
the renal nerves that supply the kidney first originate in the _____
Renal Plexus
the renal nerves from the celiac ganglion now go through the _____ network to get to the kidneys
renal nerves are part of the _____ division of the autonomic nervous system
most renal nerves are vasomotor nerves; they regulate the flow of blood through the kidney by _____ (opening vessels) and vasoconstriction (closing vessels)
most renal nerves are vasomotor nerves; they regulate the flow of blood through the kidney by vasodilation (opening vessels) and _____ (closing vessels)