Ch. 1 Bio

study question
The species extinctions taking place today are being caused by ___ activities.
atoms > molecules > cells > organisms > populations > communities > ecosystems > biosphere
Which of the following represents the most correct order of the organization of life from the smallest unit to the largest?
Which of the following organization levels is the least inclusive?
organism and nonliving things
An ecosystem such as a forest in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is made up of
the same species
A population is composed of individuals of
I, II, and III.
Which of the following characteristics are shared by all living things?
I. organization into cells
II. adaptation to environmental change
III. requirement of nutrients
IV. DNA housed in nucleus
Which of the following is a basic component of all of the others?
producers and consumers
All organisms fit into one of the two following categories
the unidirectional flow of energy and the cycling of nutrients
The dynamics of an ecosystem depends on two main processes:
On a very hot day in summer, you go outside and take your temperature, it is 37 degrees Celsius. On another day, this time a very cold day in winter, you go outside and take your temperature, again it is 37 degrees Celsius. This example illustrates
all of these except complex molecular structure
Living organisms are distinct from nonliving things by which of the following features?
with each energy transfer, some energy escapes as heat
Energy flow is one-way because
all of these
Homeostasis is
All of these statements are true
Which of the following statements is true concerning DNA?
bacteria, archaea, and eukarya
All known species can be grouped into three domains. What are they?
sunlight; carbon dioxide; water
Plants perform photosynthesis by using the energy of ___ to power production of sugars from ___ and ___ molecules.
Arachaea or Bacteria
You look into a powerful microscope and see a single-celled organism that is very small, has a cell wall, and no nucleus. You conclude that this organism belongs to the domain,
an oak tree
Which of the following organisms is a multi-celled producer?
genus; species
In the scientific name, Pan paniscus, Pan represents the name of the ___ while paniscus represents the name of ___.
all of these except e
The biological species concept developed by Ernst Mayr contains which of the following?
Which of the following words describes a tentative explanation to a given question?
perform experiments and/or make observations
In order to verify a hypothesis, scientists
observation; question; hypothesis; test; data; conclusion
What is the right sequence of events applied in the scientific method/
control group
An experimenter wanted to test the effects of cigarette smoking on rats. She infused the cages of 50 rats with cigarette smoke and the cages of another 50 rates with pure, clean air. The rats that received the clean air were the
report his or her results
The final step in the scientific method for a scientist is
experiments; test; hypothesis
Scientists perform ___ in order to ___ a given ___.
is an untreated group of individuals or subjects
A control group
it is unlikely to have occurred by chance
A result is statistically significant if
using a large sample
Sampling error can be minimized by one or more of the following.
it has a low probability of being skewed by sampling error
In science, if a result is deemed statistically significant, that means
variation in a set of data around the average
Error bars on a graph indicate
all of these are attempts to avoid bias
Scientists attempt to avoid bias by which of the following?
is widely accepted and supported by several evidences
A scientific theory
Evolution has been tested in various ways. Genetic, fossil, anatomical, physiological and behavioral studies all confirm that evolution is the mechanism of the origin of species. Thus, in science evolution is considered a scientific
an explanation that is well documented and consistent with the evidence.
In science, a theory is defined as