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  1. invective
  2. reprobate
  3. gist
  4. gratuitous
  5. munificent
  1. a adj. freely given, voluntary, unjustified, uncalled-for, rude
  2. b adj. extremely generous, lavish
  3. c adj. wicked corrupt or unpredictable scoundrel like
  4. d n. the essential part, or essence, substance, core, nucleus
  5. e n. abusive language, abuse

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  1. adj. lighthearted; smooth and polished in appearance, carefree, suave
  2. adj. hidden disguised purposefully kept secret; sheltered secluded
  3. n. calmness, composure, tranquility, zen
  4. n. a state or scene of uproar and confusion, chaos
  5. n. a jester's costume; a jester

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  1. provocativen. abusive language, abuse


  2. dunv. to demand in payment; nag, hound, harass, pester


  3. accruev. to grow or accumulate in supplies over time; collect accumulate


  4. reconditeadj. lighthearted; smooth and polished in appearance, carefree, suave


  5. annotationn. a critical or explanatory note or comment in literary work