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  1. bedlam
  2. procrastinate
  3. debonair
  4. efficacious
  5. equanimity
  1. a n. calmness, composure, tranquility, zen
  2. b adj. lighthearted; smooth and polished in appearance, carefree, suave
  3. c adj. effective, producing results, efficient, potent, powerful
  4. d v. to delay to put off until later
  5. e n. a state or scene of uproar and confusion, chaos

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  1. adj. exceeding ordinary knowledge and understanding
  2. adj. wicked corrupt or unpredictable scoundrel like
  3. v. to demand in payment; nag, hound, harass, pester
  4. v. to grow or accumulate in supplies over time; collect accumulate
  5. adj. extremely generous, lavish

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  1. sedentaryadj. characterized by or calling for continuous sitting remaining in one place, seated, stationary


  2. invectiven. abusive language, abuse


  3. gistn. the essential part, or essence, substance, core, nucleus


  4. fortuitousadj. freely given, voluntary, unjustified, uncalled-for, rude


  5. annotationn. a critical or explanatory note or comment in literary work