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The earth is...
How many time zones are there?
Name 3 things that made tourism easier.
Transportation, technology, and communication
What is the highest point from the center of the earth, and in what country is it located?
Chimborazo, Ecuador
The imaginary line around the center of the earth is called the....
The south pole is located in....
The largest continent is....
Other than the Atlantic and Pacific, name 2 oceans.
Indian and Arctic
Over 2/3 or the planet earth is covered with salt water.
Geographers describe location on the globe using
latitude and longitude
The prime median runs through what world capital?
The globe is divided into how many hemispheres?
Language is NOT an important aspect of culture.
What are the 4 themes of geography?
Location, place and space, movement, and region.
Why does the Red Sea have more salinity than the ocean?
Largest US City
New York
In what state was the first permanent European settlement?
What's a Rocky Mountain high?
Longest river is the US.
What was the last state to enter the Union?
In what state is the Grand Canyon?
What is the only great lake located totally within the US?
What state has the highest population?
First theme park opened.
Disneyland in 1955
Where did the Wright brothers fly the first plane?
Kitty Hawk, NC
First state to ratify the Constitution.
Capitals that were once National capitals.
Philadelphia, Annapolis, and Trenton
4 points of contiguous US.
Key West, Lubic Maine, Angle Inlet MInnesota, Cape Alva Washington.
4 points. Entire US
Hawaii and Alaska
What is the first area in the US to see the sunrise?
Sitkin Island
5 oceans are:
Arctic, Pacific, Indian, Antarctic, and Atlantic
Two of the best known ocean currents:
Gulf Stream and Kuroshino
In what era did early tourism reach its height?
Roman era.
What are the 6 "stans"
Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Traits of Afghanistan
landmines, poppy fields, and was lords limit tourism. Have had 12 year of the Taliban.
Traits of Kazakhstan
Remote, arid, lunar landscape
Traits of Kyrgystan
friendly nomads
Traits of Tajikistan
nothing but mountains
Traits of Turkmenistan
4/5 desert, door to hell burning for 30 years from natural gas.
Karakum Canals
Drained the Aral Sea, feeds water all the way to Russia.
Traits of Uzbekistan
Some of the oldest cities in the world, along the silk road between China and Europe.
Landlocked by China and Russia, south is the Gobi desert, and has many dinosaur bones.
19 years of Communism. Mt everest, 8 of 10 highest peaks in the world
Only has one airport, land of the thunder dragon, no independent tourists.
What is the highest point from the center of the earth and in what country is it located?
Chimborazo, Ecuador
Why would people visit Paris, rather than Oslo?
Due to society's perception that Paris is the ultimate romance destination, although there are other options.
Eco-tourism is defined as....
Tourism that aims to preserve the natural world
What does intervening opportunity mean?
Substitution of one place for another, ex. Mall is built, so people no longer shop downtown.
3 Factors influencing Tourism
More leisure time, transportation
How can the "economic impact" affect a country or region in tourism terms?
Can create new businesses, jobs, and can bring more money to the area for purchase of goods, food, merchandise, etc.
Tourism is economic, social and cultural, and environmental. What is most positive?
Travel industry in the US ranks ___ in size.
Colonists in Boston and ___________ dumped tea in their respective harbors as a protest over taxes.
Two major river systems in North America?
Mississippi and Delaware
Half of visitors to the US come from.
True or False: there is a Department of Tourism in the US
How many Canadian provinces are there?
French influence is most prevalent in what Canadian province?
What is the major river system that separates Canada from New York and drains the Great Lakes into the Atlantic Ocean?
St. Lawrence Seaway
Tourism in Cana is marked by a high degree of seaonality, true or false?
What Canadian island is among the 5 largest in the world?
This Bay, between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, has one of the highest vertical ranges of the world?
Fundy Bay
Prior to tourism, the economy of the Caribbean was dependent on _______________.
sugar cane
90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border.
What country is #2 in international tourism to Canada?
These people moved to Louisiana when the British forced them out of Nova Scotia.
National Summer Sport of Canada.
Besides Vancouver, what other Canadian city has hosted the Winter Olympics?
What Canadian territory comprises almost 1/5 of all Canada.
Two of the former European nations that dominated the colonial period in the Caribbean are:
England and France
The farthest east of the windward islands.
1990 market segment has had the greatest growth in tourism impact in the Caribbean.
Cruise lines - the ease of travel
What is the name of the island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic?
The US purchased the US Virgin Islands from ___________ during WWI.
In Guatemala there is a famous Mayan ruin.
Tikal Temple
3/4ths of the Central American countries have this in common.
The Mayans, Aztecs, and ______________________ were the dominant cultures in Central America prior to the arrival of the Spanish.
________ was the dominant force in Central America in the 16th-19th century.
This Central American nation was formerly part of the South American country, gaining its independence in the early 20th century.
What Central American country is know for its many national parks and its canopy tours?
Costa Rica
__________ is sometimes known by its geographical peculiarity. It is an isthmus.
___________ has a reef system considered second only to the Great Barrier Reef.
A new 7 Wonder of the World and located in Guatemala.
There are __ independent South American countries.
___________________ are the only 2 countries in South America that don't share a common border with Brazil.
Chile and Ecuador
___________ is the mountain range that is prevalent on the western side of South America.
South America attracts less than ___% of the worlds tourists.
Is Lake Maracaibo the largest lake in South America? Why?
False, it is not the largest because it's an inlet.
The Galapagos islands belong to......
The highest lake, navigable by large vessels, is shared by......
Peru and Bolivia
What country in South America is home to the European Space Program?
French Guiana
The next world cup will be held where?
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
What 2 South American countries don't have sea access?
Paraguay and Bolivia
What is the only South American country that is still controlled by Europe?
French Guiana
Wine is a major export of what 2 South American countries?
Argentina and Chile
What is the waterfall that's a major attraction for 3 countries and is larger than Niagara Falls?
Patagonia is a part of both....
Argentina and Chile
Buenos Aires is known as the ______ of South America.
In South America 2 of the 7 wonders of the world are
Macchu Picchu in Peru and Rio De Janeiro in Brazil
Chile's remote Pacific Island destination is....
Easter Island
The Pyrenees creates the boundary between....
Spain and France
Ireland, the UK, and Iceland are all island nations of Europe. True or False.
The Netherlands are famous for windmills, tulips, and Madurodam? What is Madurodam?
Tiny Netherlands
What is a main tourist destination in Germany?
Berlin Wall
Brussels is the capital of Belgium and.....
European Union
2 of 5 countries of Scandinavia are:
Norway and Sweden
Southern Europe is made up of these 3 primary peninsulas...
Italian, Iberian, and Balkan
The Current World Cup trophy holder is....
In reaction to Muslim extremist, what country banned head coverings in public spaces?
What 2 countries are considered to be a part of the Iberian peninsula?
Portugal and Spain
Great Britain includes...
England, Scotland, and Wales
What is the body of water that separates Europe from Africa?
Mediterranean Sea
Norway is noted for its magnificent coasts dominated by the mountains that dive into the sea. These are called....
What Scandinavian country shares a border with Russia?
Urban legend says that Walt Disney modeled Cinderella's castle after a German castle.
What are 3 countries that returned to the map of Europe after the breakup of Yugoslavia.
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Baltic countries.
Lithuania, Latinia, and Estonia
What is the mountain range in Russia that is commonly used as the dividing point between Europe and Asia?
What would someone want to visit St. Petersburg?
The city has many iconic buildings reminiscent of old world, pre=communist Russia. Architecture of cathedrals and huge highlight.
_________ has the most repressive communist government in Europe prior to installing a democratic govt in the 90s. It has little to no tourist interest.
The famous Danube river begins in the Black Forest of Germany, flows through Austria, separates Buda from Pest, and winds down through several Eastern European counties before emptying into the .......
Black Sea
Some countries made independent with the break up of the Soviet Union are....
Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus
Where is Chernobyl located?
3 countries located in the Arabian Peninsula?
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Yemen
The predominate religion in the Middle East is.....
The "Holy Land" of 3 religions is....
Iraq is a......
Hashemite Kingdom
These 2 Iraqi rivers helped form the "Cradle of Civilization."
Tigris and Euphrates
The hanging gardens of Babylon are located in....
Persia is now called....
One of the countries of the Trans Caucuses is....
2 Rosen College professors from the Middle East are...
Dean Pizam and Ady Millman
Name the 5 countries of North Africa.
Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Sudan
The longest river in the world bisects one North African country. What is the name of the river?
Why was Giza a popular tourist destination?
The pyramids of Giza and the sphinx
Spain still has territory in what North African country?
Moroccan Imperial city famous for souqs. What is the city and what is a souq?
Marrakech, and a souq is the popular shopping area to purchase handmade Moroccan goods.
The ruins of Carthage are located in what North African country?
80% of this country's tourists come from other Arab countries.
All 5 North African countries are dominated by this desert.
All 5 North African countries have coasts on this sea...
One of the N. African countries is a major oil producer, which is it?
The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and what other body of water?
Red Sea
The 2011 "Arab Spring" began in what country?
Name 5 countries of Sub-Sahara Africa.
Nigeria, South Sudan, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Madagascar
Africa is one of the largest and most visited continents.
In what country does the Nile River begin?
What country was known as the "African Riviera" before its recent political struggles?
South Africa
What are 3 of the former Colonial powers of Sub-Saharan Africa?
England, France, and Germany
In what country is Kilamanjaro located?
A majority of Namibian tourists come from what country?
South Africa
What is a savanna?
African plain
What is blue and white and travels North?
What country's dependency on charcoal trade is endangering the lowland gorilla?
The newest nation in the world is...?
South Sudan
What 3 religions play a dominant role in India?
Islamic, Hindu, and Sikh
Myanmar is one of the most visited countries in SE Asia.
What mountain range separates the Indian Ocean nations from the North?
What are limiting factors to Indian Ocean countries?
A lot of poverty, overcrowding, and political unrest.
India is described as a nation of villages yet has the second highest population in the world.
Why was the Taj Mahal built?
In memory of an emperor's deceased wife.
The main reason for tourism to the Maldives is?
Beach vacation.
2 major rivers of Indian Ocean countries?
Tugela and Limpopo
Pakistan and India have strong ties with what country?
Thailand was known as _____________ for many years.
What was Bangladesh known as when it was first separated from India?
The West Indies
In what country will you find the greatest change in altitudes in the world?
What 2 countries have Caspian Sea coast lines?
Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan
What country is associated with the former Kingdom of Timur and has some of the most fantastic architecture in the region?
Bhutan has a very open and liberal policy welcoming tourists to the country.
What famous road goes through many countries in this region?
Silk Road
The suffix "stan" in a countries name means what?
What capital was also the name of the team Lance Armstrong represented in the 2009 Tour de France?
Irrigation projects are slowly killing this lake (called a sea). It was once the 4th largest lake in the world.
Aral Sea
What are two island nations in East Asia?
Japan and the Philippines
The Pearl (Xi) River is a major river in this region.
For almost a thousand years ___________ was the capital of Japan.
Honindo is a major island of the Japanese Archipelago.
What limits travel to Japan.
What city is a gateway for South Korean tourism?
Seoul and Gempo
What country dominates the tourism arrivals to South Korea?
The Three Gorges are along what river in China?
Yangtze River
What countries in Asia hosted the Olympic games?
China and Japan
Home of the Terracotta warriors
Universal and Disney have both announced future Theme park developments in this region. In what countries would these be located?
China and Makao
The former colonial territory is reinventing itself as a gambling mecca?
Where would you go to find pandas?
Oceania is divided into 3 island groups.
Mirconesia, Polynesia, and Melanesia
In what country is Mt. Kosciusko?
The Southern Alps are part of New Zealand's mountain range.
What are some things that limit travel to Australia?
Price of flying, centrally located in Pacific.
The most important market in Tahiti Tourism is...?
Adventure? Sea, sand, and sun?
Why is Rotorua and important tourist destination in New Zealand?
Maori tribe.
Just south of Alice Springs (close to the geographical center of Australia) is the Uluru National park which features this famous land mark.
Ayer Rock
What is the form of government that distinguishes Tonga?
All of the countries of Oceania (except one) have this in common.
Island nations.
This large island is part of Australia and is famous for its devils.
The first European settlers in Australia came from this class of people.
Prisoners from the British govt.
The survivors of the Bounty ended up here.