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Cassini Death CE

Cassini-Huygens mission, 1980s
How is the mission officially known and when was it hatched?
to strengthen ties between NASA and the European Space Agency
What was part of the mission's purpose?
13 years
How long has Cassini orbited Saturn?
4,585 pounds
How much does Cassini weigh on Earth?
22 feet
How high is Cassini?
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA
Where was Cassini constructed?
Friday morning
When will Cassini die?
It will ride down into Saturn's clouds and become a meteor from the heat and pressure of the atmosphere.
How will Cassini die?
How many moons does Saturn have so far?
October 15th, 1997, Cape Canaveral, FL
When and where was Cassini-Huygens launched?
orbiter and lander
What two parts make up the spacecraft?
Huygens probe, the European Space Agency, and to explore Titan
What is the lander, who built it, and for what purpose?
Who built the orbiter?
Giovanni Domenico Cassini, 4 moons
Who is the orbiter named after and what did he discover?
Christiaan Huygens, Titan and Saturn's rings for what they are
Who is the lander named after and what did he discover?
July 2004
When did the spacecraft arrive at Saturn?
December 2004
When did Huygens leave the mothership to make the first landing on an alien moon?
How many weeks after departure did Huygens touch down on Titan?
a six-sided storm at the north pole, the rings, discovery of plumes from Enceladus, lakes and seas on Titan
What are some things that Cassini recorded?
4.9 billion miles
How far has Cassini traveled?
How many orbits of Saturn has Cassini completed?
2.5 million
How many commands has Cassini executed?
635 gigabytes
How much data has Cassini collected?
How man images has Cassini taken?
How many science papers have been published with the mission?
How many nations are participating with the mission?
How many oceans have been discovered?
$2.5 billion
How much did it cost to build and launch Cassini and Huygens?
$1.4 billion
How much has it cost to run Cassini and Huygens?
NASA, European Space Agency, and Italian Space Agency
Who has split the expenses of Cassini and Huygens?
What is the only moon in the solar system with a thick atmosphere?
methane and ethane(hydrocarbons)
What is the liquid on Titan's surface?
almost pure nitrogen
What is Titan's air like?
biochemist at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution
Who is Steve Benner?
balloons, boats, and a submarine
What have been proposed to send to Saturn?
Which moon has plumes?
plumes in the southern region, there may be a warm salty ocean beneath the ice
What does Enceladus have and what do they suggest?
What could be on Enceladus's plumes?
October 2015
When did Cassini fly through a plume?