A(n) ____ has a central security database that is used by all computers that are members of it.

Active Directory site

A(n) ____ is defined by IP subnets.

Hardware ID

A(n) ____ is the most specific device identification string.


A(n) ____ retains all of the existing computer settings possible including user files, applications, and application settings.


Active Directory uses ____ replication. This means that Active Directory information can be changed on any domain controller and those changes will be replicated to other domain controllers.

organizational units (OUs)

Each domain can be subdivided into ____ that allow you to organize the objects in a domain.


In Active Directory, a(n) ____ partition is created by an administrator to hold application-specific information.

Group Policy object

The Group Policy settings used by Windows 7 are contained in a ____.


The ____ for a Windows 7 migration project defines which computers should be upgraded to Windows 7.


To make Active Directory more manageable, it is divided into the domain partition, configuration partition, and ____ partition.

USMT(User State Migration Tool)

____ migrates user settings, documents, and application configuration settings from the previous operating system to Windows 7.

WDS (Windows Deployment Services)

____ is an updated version of the Remote Installation Services (RIS) found in Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003.

NAP (Network Access Protection)

____ is a system that enforces requirements for client health before allowing client computers to connect to the network.

WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)

____ contacts Microsoft Update and downloads updates rather than each client computer downloading updates.

Domain controllers

____ are responsible for authenticating users when they log on to a workstation.

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