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Senegal is a country that is relatively poor, with a high rate of childhood death, hunger and people living on less than one dollar a day. As such, Senegal is a(n)

Underdeveloped Nation

The world's largest country in geographic area is


Today, Alvin will present a report to his class on the bottom ten income-producing countries in the world. Most of the countries that he will be discussing are located in


Civil wars in Rwanda hinder the country from climbing out of poverty. According to Collier, this illustrates the trap of


Today, slaves are cheaper than in the 1800s


Japan has a well-educated population, regular elections, abundant industry, and free enterprise. As such, Japan is a(n)

Developed Nation

According to Karl Marx, ______________________ leads to revolution

class consciousness

Stacy published an article on the wealth, prestige, and power of various countries in an effort to highlight patterns of inequality around the world. Stacy's article focused on

Global Stratification

Today, Sandra will present a report to her class on the top ten income-producing countries in the world. Most of the countries that she will be discussing are located in


The Trump family is a part of the business class in the United States. They have a great deal of money, but the members of the family have to work hard to maintain their place. Because they represent "new money," Weber would say that the Trumps are


The Rockefeller family represents "old money." For the past 175 years, the Rockefellers have owned businesses and real estate that have been passed down from one generation to the next. According to Weber, the Rockefellers are:


Marcus is a poor factory worker. According to Karl Marx, Marcus is a member of the


Half of the world's population lives on less than two dollars per da


Professor Graham assigns each student a country and tells them to divide the country's total gross income by the number of people in that country. This formula will produce the

Per-Capita Income

Each year, the U.S. uses American tax dollars to help other nations. This social policy is called

Foreign Aid

Europeans work fewer hours, on average, than Americans


The form of slavery that was legal in the U.S. considered slaves to be the property of the slave owner. This is an example of

Chattel Slavery

Tax burdens in the United States tend to be higher than in other nations


The smallest political party in Mexico is led by people who are clever, rational, and against the status quo. According to Pareto, such leaders are


Ethiopia produces many doctors, but the majority of Ethiopian-born doctors have migrated to the United States for a higher standard of living. This instance of when the best talent leaves a poor country and provides a greater advantage to a wealthy country is called

Brain Drain

Warren thinks that the Alachua County School Board should offer sex education to high school students. To support his case, Warren presented school board members with the number of births for every 1,000 women between the ages of 15 and 18 in the local area. Warren's data represents the

Age-Specific Birth Rate

Christopher's research focuses on the number of deaths that occur in the population. Christopher is examining

Mortality Rates

The world produces enough grain to feed everyone a sufficient die


During the 1970s and 1980s, an increasing number of African-Americans moved out of the United States. This movement is called


The world's population is unevenly distributed


Leo believes that people in industrialized countries control fertility more than people in agrarian societies. Leo supports the

Demographic Transition Theory

April wants to know the maximum length of time that a human being can possibly live. She is interested in


Population projections typically occur exactly as calculated


Angola has the highest infant mortality rate in the world


Lois was born in 1954. This means that Lois is classified as a(n) _____________

baby boomer

Because of increased opportunities in education and employment for women, there has been a decline in birth rates in Europe. This represents:

Birth Dearth

In the early 1900s, many Southern Blacks moved north to pursue job opportunities. This movement from one area to another reflects


The "one-child" policy was adopted in China to limit population growth. As such, the policy is


Dr. Rodriguez gave his sociology students an assignment. Each student must provide a visual presentation of data related to the age and sex of the population in a different country. The sociology students will turn in

Population Pyramids

Rose speaks at the high school career fair and tells the student that in her job, she studies population size and composition. What is Rose's field of study?


In the year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the number of people moving into the United States from other countries fell by 34%. This means that there was a decline in American:


Dominick has built a large shelter under his house. The shelter is packed with canned goods. Dominick explains to his children that he is preparing for the day when the population will exceed available food supply. Dominick supports the:

Malthusian Theorem

Ricardo is doing a research paper on the number of births that occur to unwed mothers. Ricardo is concerned with the _____________ of unwed mothers

fertility rate

The United States consumes about ________________ of the world's oil.


Lauren's job requires her to report the number of births per 1,000 people each year. Lauren focuses on the

Crude Birth Rate

In 1994, the Hutu tribe of Rwanda attempted to destroy or exterminate the Tutsi tribe. This is an example of:


The number of hate groups in the U.S. is declining.


Today, Ariana is presenting a report to her sociology class on a social policy designed to help minority groups gain opportunities through employment and education. Ariana will be discussing:

Affirmative Action

Louisa and her family just moved to the U.S. from Mexico. Now, Louisa and her family are expected to speak English and adopt the ways of their new country. This reflects:

Indigenous Superordination

In the 16th century, Portugal used its superior military forces to dominate the people of South America. This is an example of:


During the Atlantic slave trade, millions of Africans were stolen from their country and taken to the United States. This is an example of:

Involuntary Immigration

Some Italians who immigrated to New York City maintained cultural ties to their homeland, while participating in the political and economic system of the U.S. As such, these Italian immigrants were:

Pluralistic Minorities

People learn about race through social experiences.


Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami where Cuban immigrants live together and assert cultural distinction from the dominant group. As such, Little Havana is a(n):

Ethnic Enclave

According to the text, which racial-ethnic group is most likely to own a home?


The U.S. Census Bureau offers _____ definitions of race.


Dr. Fletcher is taking six American sociology students on a study abroad trip to Sweden. Because the six American students have a common cultural, linguistic and ancestral heritage, they share the same:


According to data in the text, which racial-ethnic group had the lowest median household income?


The most prominent physical characteristic of race is:

Skin Color

The system of oppression that lasted for 50 years in South Africa is called:


Most whites in the United States claim that they are not racist.


Oprah Winfrey, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James all share certain physical characteristics, including skin color. As such, they are a part of the same:

: Race

Louella is 63-years-old. She has been poor her entire life. Her 9 children are poor and their children are poor. Three generations of this family have been unable to break into the middle and upper class. As such, this is an example of:

The Cycle of Poverty

.In Forsythe, Georgia, the blacks live in one section of town and the whites live in another. This separation by race is called:


In the U.S., minority populations are declining.


On the 2009 Fortune 500 list, women headed only 15 companies.


In traditional American society, women typically cooked and cared for the children, while men worked outside of the home. These personal traits associated with being a male or a female in traditional society illustrate:


Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were involved in:

First-Wave Feminism

Whenever Jake and Brian come into each other's presence, they spar and exchange light blows. This overt and exaggerated display of masculinity is called:


Today, Professor Fuentes is teaching her sociology class about gender and educational differences in the U.S. She will inform her class that currently:

Women earn the majority of bachelor's degrees

Bonita is employed by the largest feminist organization in the United States. She works for the:

National Organization for Women

Most of the family television shows in the U.S depict the father as the head of the family, with males having authority over women and children. Such shows portray:


Joan has been promoted through the company for 23-years-and is now a vice president. Joan realizes that she will never be promoted to president because of an invisible barrier that prevents women from reaching the top-level position. This example illustrates:

The Glass Ceiling

Dr. Meyers believes that men and women typically work in different types of jobs because they bring different natural skills to the workplace. Dr. Meyers' belief is in line with the ___________ model.

human capital

At the annual Friends of Susan B. Anthony luncheon, guests celebrate the ________________ Amendment, which prohibited denying the vote to anyone based on sex.


About 25% of women have been raped or physically assaulted.


Female circumcision is most common in the U.S.


Patricia and Patrick are twins. While Patricia received a doll for her 7th birthday, Patrick received a football. These toys indicate to the children that society has certain expectations of how females and males should act and think. These toys are shaping the children's:

Gender Roles

Scott is a male nurse. Since the field is traditionally dominated by women, Scott had many advantages when applying for jobs. These advantages are called the:

Glass Elevator

Okim is a volunteer at an organization that raises awareness and offers support to victims of rape and sexual assault. Okim volunteers with the:

Take Back The Night Group

Maya believes in social equality for all people and she stresses that women deserve the same opportunities as men. Maya's beliefs are in line with:


Andres believes that males are physically, emotionally, and intellectually superior to females. This is an example of:


According to Margaret Mead, gender roles are largely dependent on:


Rita is 44-years-old. She is undergoing plastic surgery to hide her age. She believes that in order to be sexy, she should appear younger. Rita has been influenced by a myth that is called:

The Lolita Effect

Professor Buresch explains the income gap by the fact that women tend to major in fields that pay very little money. The professor's ideas are in line with the __________________ model.


The birth control pill was introduced in:


Lionel has never worked before. He is a poor, 33-year-old, disabled man. The government health insurance that is designed for people like Lionel is called:


Respect for the Aged Day is an annual holiday celebrated on September 15th in which country?


According to Michael Pollan, obesity is connected to overindulgence of processed _________ that the human body has difficulty processing.


Ana asks Dan what he does for a living. Dan says that he studies the distribution of diseases and health throughout a society's population. Dan studies:

Social Epidemiology

In preparation for the upcoming election, both candidates have presented new ideas about the care, services, or supplies related to a person's health. Both candidates have shared their views on:

Health Care

Claudette is severely overweight. The doctors say that she has an unhealthy accumulation of body fat. Claudette is dealing with:


.The largest federal spending program in the U.S. is:

Social Security

Warren is calling out from work today due to illness. While at home, his family brings him food in bed and allows him to sleep a lot. Warren gets this because of :

The Sick Role

Valerie takes care of her 86-year-old mother as well as her teen-aged children. Valerie is a part of the:

Sandwiched Generation

Mrs. Beatty is 98-years-old. As such, Mrs. Beatty is a part of the:


Dr. Ardelt studies aging and the elderly. Dr. Ardelt studies:


According to Census data from 2008, about __________ million Americans do not have health insurance.


Mina is 72-years-old. She benefits from a government-run program that provides health coverage to people aged 65 and older. Mina benefits from:


The only group in the United States that is guaranteed health care coverage is:

The Elderly

Dr. Houston is a psychiatrist. Like all of her colleagues, she refers to ________________ to diagnose mental illness.

the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association

Suicide rates for the aged are _____________ in Japan.


Rowena, like most elderly people, reports that her sense of taste has ____________ with age.

grown weaker

Seven of the students in Ms. Hoye's 4th grade class are using prescribed medications to control their behavior. The idea that the medical community is at the center of classroom behavior is called:


The size of the world's elderly population is declining.


Lois lives in Florida. Whenever she receives a gift, she says, "Hmm, interesting." Lois never says thank you. Lois' behavior violates the norms that society has agreed upon. As such, this is an example of:


The law states that a person must be aged 21 or above to drink alcoholic beverages. Michael is 19-years-old and he is drinking alcohol. This violation of norms written into the law is an example of:


Dr. Vera is a sociologist. He studies crime, deviance, and social policies that the criminal justice system applies. Dr. Vera specializes in:


The 11:00 news is full of stories about gang shootings and drug busts. This paints an unrealistic picture of the reality of crime and has been called:

The Dramatic Fallacy of Crime

Marquita has been hired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to analyze official police statistics of reported crime. Marquita is working with:

Uniform Crime Reports

Megan believes that there are more property crimes in the U.S. than violent crimes. Teresa believes that there are more violent crimes than property crimes in the U.S. Who is correct?


Joshua is interested in the controversial police practice of targeting individuals based on their race. Joshua is interested in racial:


Bruce believes that the reason murder is a crime is because most people believe that it is wrong. This idea that laws concerning murder are in place because people see a behavior they do not like and agree to make it illegal supports the:

Consensus Model of Law

In the novel "The Scarlet Letter," Hester was required to wear the letter "A" sewn to her dress wherever she went, alerting everyone to her sin of adultery. This deliberate effort to attach a negative meaning to a behavior is an example of:


The reality show "Lock-Up" provides a bird's eye view of life within American prisons. Viewers see that the majority of inmates released from prison eventually return to prison. This tendency is called:


Incarceration rates are highest in the U.S. in the:


Three-strike laws:

Increase incarceration rates

Amy stole a candy bar from the campus bookstore. This is the first time that Amy has broken a law. This initial deviant act is called:

Primary Deviance

Deviance exists in every culture.


Women are more likely than men to be arrested in the U.S..


The majority of arrests peak between the ages of 15 and 25.


There has been a steady decrease in the number of U.S. inmates.


Most prison inmates in the U.S. are racial and ethnic minorities.


In the U.S., most inmates return to prison within 3 years of release.


About 89% of cases in the U.S. end with a plea bargain.


In the Newman family, the men have power over the women. This reflects a:

Patriarchal System

Most American husbands and wives divide housework equally.


Monique has been married to Roger for 2 years. She plans to stay married to him until she dies because she loves him and is satisfied with their relationship. Monique has a ______________ commitment.


About _____________% of Americans opposed gay marriages in 2006.


Ben is attracted to Natalie. He likes the way she looks, the way she smells, and the way she walks. According to Stimulus-Value-Role Theory, Ben and Natalie are in the __________________ stage.


Getting a divorce in Europe is easier than in the U.S.


Hadassah and Abraham are both Jewish. They were married in 1999. This marriage between people with similar religious backgrounds is an example of:


The Defense of Marriage Act in 1996:

Defines marriage as an act between a man and a woman

When asked to draw a picture of her family, Little Margaret drew a picture of a wife, a husband, and the couple's two children. Margaret's drawing is an example of a(n):

Nuclear Family

As the population ages, the percentage of those who experience divorce:


In the Barr family, the women are dominant and have power over the men. This reflects a:

Matriarchal System

The three components of marital work include:

Household Labor, Emotional Work, Status Enhancement

During the _______, divorce rates were down, out-of-wedlock births were low, and marriage was universally esteemed as an institution.


The practice of having more than one spouse is illegal in the United States. That means that ___________ is against the law.


In the Seaver household, there are two children, the children's parents, the children's grandparents and the children's uncle. The Seaver household is an example of a(n):

Extended Family

The median age of marriage for American men in 2009 was _____ and for American women was ________.

28.1; 25.9

According to the 2004 Census Bureau, about _____ % of American men and _____% of American women have experienced a divorce.

20; 23

Before industrialization, men and women shared equally in child care tasks.


Ted and Cindy are married. Last year, the couple adopted 7-year-old Gregory. Together, Ted, Cindy and Gregory make up a(n):


Prince Nirant has 14 wives. This is an example of:


State colleges and universities rely mostly on _____________________ to keep their doors open.

taxpayer dollars

Professor Armstrong asks his class which racial/ethnic group in the United States is most likely to receive a bachelor's degree. Barbara correctly answers:


Religion increases as science advances.


Bridgette is giving an oral presentation on homeschooling. She will state that the strongest motivator of parents who homeschool their children is:

A Desire to be Deeply Involved With Children

Most Americans over the age of 25 in the U.S. have a bachelor's degree.


Mariama is registering for classes at the community college. She has decided to take a class in which she will learn about different unified systems of beliefs and practices, relative to sacred things. Mariama will be taking a class on:


Since 1998, the number of students homeschooled in the in the United States has:


Male literacy is higher than female literacy around the world.


The number of college degrees issued in the United States between 1997 and 2007 has:


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