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Words relating loosely to animals.


n. A place where hives or colonies of bees are kept for their honey.


n. A house, enclosure, or large cage for birds.


adj. Having the quality of a cow or ox: sluggish, dull.


n. Member of the family of dogs. adj. Pertaining to the family of dogs, and especially the qualities associated with them.


n. 1. A playful hop, skip, or leap. 2. A prank or wild escapade. intr. v. To leap, frolic, or frisk about.


n. A sudden impulse, whim or unmotivated change of mind.


adj. Subject to whim; impulsive; unpredictable or fickle.


adj. Pertaining to a horse; belonging to the family of horses and zebras.


n. The art of riding horses.


adj. Pertaining to a rider of horses, or skill in riding. n. One who rides or performs on horseback.

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