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the three types of federal grants presently being administered are
categorical formula grants, project grants, and block grants
funds appropriate for specific purposes such as school lunches or the building of highways or airports which are allocated by formula and subject to detailed federal conditions are
the constitution delegates the authority to declare the legal state of war to the
the office which prepares the president's annual budget is the
office of management and budget
the control of the money supply is achieved through
monetary policy
the federal government gets most of its funds from
personal income taxes
the debt is the difference between the
total of our deficits minus our surpluses over the years
the first step in preparing the federal budget is
estimating agency needs
the idea that prices, income and economic stability are primarily a function of growth in the money supply is called
monetary policy is made by the
federal reserve system
the economic policy of FDR's New Deal was based on
Keynesian economics
the book ____ helped draw attention to the need to regulate the meat-packing industry
the jungle by Upton Sinclair
NATO is primarily a
military alliance
all of the following are true about the CIA
it was created after WW2 it was an outgrowth of the Hoover Commission Recommendation, it gathers most of its material from open sources
most responsibility for the formation of foreign policy is held by the
executive branch
the permanent members of the UN security council included all of the following except
the commander-in-chief of the armed forces is
the president
the power to appropriate unds for the military is heald by the
maintaining the ability to threaten massive retaliation on any nations that attacked the US is called a strategy of
political parties play a major role in shaping foreign and defense policy
parts of budget outlays are called uncontrollable because they involve legal commitment and payments to individuals that are guaranteed by a formula written in law
the "fourth branch of government" is a name often given to
the bureaucracy
since WW2 executive agreements have
accounted for many of the understandings reached between the United States and other nations
the us government finances its debt by
selling bonds to banks, investment companies and private individuals
all large private and governmental organizations are run y bureaucrats
two basc principles of the theory of bureaucracy are
hierarchy and specialization
to reduce waste in government, one is also likely to have increase
bureaucratic red tape
which of the following is not typical of bureaucracies
great innovation
as a policy tool, the federal reserve board uses the discount rate. this is defined as
the interest rate member banks pay to borrow from the federal reserve system
the major source of municipal tax revenues comes from
property taxes
the importance of national security advisor diminished after the eisenhower administration
federal grants in the use of which local officials had almost complete discretion are called
revenue-sharing funds
in the united nations security council
the five permanent members have veto power
most studies have shown that the best predictor of how much a government unit will spend on a function is
the previous year's budget
when production falls and spending decreases, this is an example of economic
bureaucracies are divided into subunits based on all the following except
the federal reserve system is legally responsible directly to
no specific superior
the greatest successes of the united nations have been in
operating technical programs
the branch of the un that has all but completed its original task is the
trusteeship council
it is the job of the world police forse INTERPOL to bring castes before the world court
the theory of capitalism was first proposed by
adam smith
in spite of our claim to be a capitalist country, government involvement in support of business has occurred since
the first congress
John Maynard Keynes proposed that a coutry can get out of a depression by having a government
use its own buying power to readjust the supply and demand curve
Keynes suggested that to right recess a government should
lower taxes and raise spending
the main significance of our intelligence community to the conduct of the U.S. foreign policy is
the information they collect from both secret and publicly available resources
only presidents can declare war
the US today is fully prepared to handle and conventional conflict that might break out as well as maintaining a formidable force
all member nations of the UN are represented in the
general assembly
the head of the UN secretariat is usually given to some prominent political figures who has shown him/her self to be a great world leader
the role of government in laissez-faire capitalism is
act as a neutral arbiter between business and labor
to a capitalist the price of anything should be determined by
its supply and demand
the US economy in the 1950 and 60s was in fact propped up by
the cold war, foreign aid, the space race,
the federal reserve system can prevent bank panics by
loaning money to the banks
the biggest user o f the income tax as a revenue is
national government
all these taxes are regressive except
"old" income tax
buying municipal bonds can actually lower the taxes one owes to the Federal Government
the steps our government goes through each year to approve money for federal programs is called the budgetary cycle
the 5 principle of a rational organization include all of the following except
hierarchy of needs