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nutrition test study part 3

All of the following are true of anorexia nervosa except
increased body temperature.
Which of the following is not a sign or symptom of night eating syndrome?
Difficulty staying awake and not feeling hungry before falling asleep at night
All of the following can initiate the problem of anorexia nervosa except
coming from a supportive family.
A person with anorexia nervosa is likely to
grow up in a perfectionistic home with very high expectations.
Anorexia nervosa is defined as
psychological denial of appetite.
At later stages in anorexia development, anorexics
eat 300 to 600 kcalories per day
The semistarvation of anorexia nervosa results in all the following physiological changes except
increased heart rate
Anorexia nervosa can affect many types of people at various stages of life. Which person is at the highest risk for developing anorexia nervosa?
An adolescent girl who recently started puberty
One of the best ways to get anorexics into treatment is to
have group intervention of friends and family to confront them with the problem
All of the following are helpful for the recovery of the anorexic person except
not pursuing family therapy.
The most long-term success in anorexia nervosa treatment has been with
a multidisciplinary team of health care providers
All of the following are true about bulimia except
the result is low body weight
Which of the following is true about purging behavior related to bulimia?
After vomiting, many kcalories from the food eaten are still absorbed
Downy hair that grows on the body to counteract the heat loss associated with a lack of insulating subcutaneous fat is/are called
Which of the following is true about chronic hunger in the world?
The primary cause of hunger is poverty.
The consequences of undernutrition are most critical during
All of the following are effects of semistarvation except
lack of hunger and appetite
The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
provides food vouchers and nutrition education to low-income pregnant and lactating women and their young children
The homeless in the United States are at increased risk of undernutrition. Which of the following is true about the homeless?
Many are members of families with children
All of the following are socioeconomic factors affecting hunger in the Unites States except
Which factor contributes to up to 90% of the diseases seen in the developing world?
Contaminated water
The "green revolution" is a
movement that increased crop yields
Manipulating the DNA inside cells to improve production of materials or the material itself is called
genetic engineering
Of the following groups, which have the least risk of becoming ill from foodborne illness?
Jacob is 8 years old and his family experiences food insecurity. He is short for his age and his teacher has recently noticed that Jacob is falling asleep during class and seems unable to concentrate on his tasks. A deficiency in what nutrient is likely at the root of these deficits in growth, physical stamina, and mental ability?
A new food preservation method, aseptic processing, is especially useful for
fruit juices
Loraine's mother-in-law is babysitting Loraine's kids and mentions she is going to give them fruit and honey for dessert at lunchtime. Loraine points out that her baby cannot have honey. Why should children under age one avoid honey?
Honey can contain botulism spores that can cause botulism in young children with immature immune systems.
Which of the following is true about food irradiation?
Irradiation can slow or limit the growth of insects, microorganisms, and parasites in food
Food commonly associated with Salmonella intoxication are
chicken and eggs
Aseptic processing involves
sterilizing the package and food separately and then packaging the food
To reduce exposure to pesticides
wash and/or peel fruits and vegetables before eating
All of the following are good instructions for preventing foodborne illness except
when shopping, select meat, poultry, or fish first
____________ can cause spontaneous abortion or stillbirth because the bacteria can cross the placenta and infect the fetus.
The FIGHT BAC! food safety program includes the following tips for keeping food safe from bacteria:
clean, separate, chill, cook.
The first goal in nutrition therapy for anorexia nervosa is
to increase weight to return the basal metabolic rate to normal
Which of the following agencies enforces wholesomeness and quality standards for meat?
Which of the following agencies regulates pesticides?
Environmental Protection Agency
The Delaney Clause
prevents the intentional use as food additives of compounds shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals or humans
Which of the following is the best approach to preventing famine in developing nations?
Increase the productivity of rural people by teaching them farming methods so they can build agricultural surpluses to eat and sell
The organ that nourishes the fetus in the mother's womb is called the
The first trimester of pregnancy
is a time of particular importance to avoid nutritional deficiencies and insults to prevent harm to the fetus
Which trimester is an especially critical period when poor nutrition or drug use can result in birth defects?
All of the following are poor pregnancy practices except
gaining 25 to 35 pounds
All of the following are true about ground meats except
With proper hand-washing, it is safe to eat raw hamburger
Extra calories for pregnancy are needed mostly during which trimester(s)?
Second and third
The total weight gain goal of a desirable-weight pregnant woman is how many pounds?
25 to 35
For most pregnancies, women need to consume supplemental
Barb wants to make sure she gets adequate folate during her pregnancy. She should do which of the following?
Eat more ready-to-eat breakfast cereals
Mineral needs generally are increased during pregnancy. All of the following are needed in higher quantities except
All of the following are true about prenatal supplements for pregnancy except
here is significant evidence that they are harmful
Consumption of non-food items such as laundry starch, ice, and dirt is known as
Which of the following is a federal program for reducing infant mortality by providing nutritional support and counseling?
Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Carol has heartburn during her pregnancy. She should do all of the following except
lie down after she eats
Rachel is pregnant and has morning sickness. She should do all the following except
eat large, less frequent meals
The hormone that triggers "let down" or milk release is
Which of the following is true about lactation?
The major reason why women do not breastfeed is lack of information
The manipulation of nature (plants, animals, and bacteria) to increase production and food yield and the use of living things to manufacture products is called
Which of the following statements is important for infant feeding?
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of a child's life
All of the following are reasons why the risk of having foodborne illness is increasing except
increased preparation of foods in processing plants
Breast milk production requires approximately ____ calories per day?
Advantages of breastfeeding include all of the following except
improves infant's vision
All of the following are advantages to breastfeeding except
increased risk of developing food allergies
Women suffering from chronic alcoholism produce children with a recognizable pattern of malformations called
fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)
An infant's length will increase by ______ percent in the first year.
Approximately one third of children in developing nations are short and underweight for their age. The most frequent cause is
weaning to high-carbohydrate, low-protein diets
Brain growth is most rapid in infancy but stops by about what age?
18 months
The new WHO growth standards stress that _______________ is the biological norm for infant nutrition.
Common symptoms of foodborne illness include
fever, diarrhea, vomiting
The greatest energy requirement per unit of body weight occurs during
Human milk provides ______ percent of kcalories from fat
What vitamin routinely is given by injection to all infants at birth?
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best age to introduce solid foods into the infant's diet is
4 to 6 months
Egg whites should not be fed to children before 1 year of age because
early introduction may result in an allergic reaction
The first solid foods usually introduced into an infant's milk diet are
iron-fortified cereals
All of the following should be omitted from an infant's diet except
Infants need fat because it aids in absorption of several vitamins and also helps the ______________ to develop
nervous system
Preschool children should be encouraged to try new foods. If a child is reluctant to do so, it is best to
ask that he or she at least taste it
Which of the following statements is not true about the "Danger Zone"?
It includes the temperature range 65oF to 165oF
Which of the following is an appropriate feeding philosophy for children?
Parents should present a variety of nutritious food choices and avoid making the dinner table into a battleground
Absence of breakfast for children is associated with
decreased performance in school and decreased attention span
The adolescent growth spurt
begins earlier in girls than boys
All of the following are characteristic of food allergies except
once they develop, they are always permanent
Approximately what percentage of obese adolescents become obese adults?
The foundation for a diet that optimizes long-term nutritional health emphasizes all of the following except
refined grain breads and cereals.
Bill wants to eat a health-promoting diet. Which of the following practices derived from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans would he not want to follow?
Consume no more than four alcohol-containing drinks daily.
Which of the following is the best definition of life span?
The potential oldest age a person can reach
Which of the following is the best definition of life expectancy?
The time an average person can expect to live
What is the major reason that life expectancy has increased during the last 80 years?
Control of infectious disease
Which of the following is not a good predictor of physical health status in the elderly?
Chronological age
Food habits of older adults may be influenced by all of the following except
production of melatonin
Mack is constipated. Safe recommendations include all of the following except
use mineral oil routinely and liberally
Consuming adequate ______ and ______ helps maximize the health of the immune system in elderly individuals
protein; zinc
The decrease in lean tissue that occurs with aging can best be prevented by
exercise and a weight training program
Barbara is 65 years of age and her doctor finds her mental function is declining. Which of the following will not significantly impact this issue?
Taking nutrition supplements
All of the following can cause apathetic eating and weight loss except
participation in a congregate meal program
Because elderly individuals need similar amounts of nutrients as their younger counterparts but less kcalories, they should focus on diet plans that emphasize
nutrient density
All of the following are practical suggestions for diet planning for singles except
buying family-sized packages of meat
Where is the chief site of alcohol metabolism?
For those over 40 years of age, an exercise program should include all of the following except
exercise through the pain
For cancer prevention, which of the following dietary components should be limited?
cured meats