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Marketing Management


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What is today's marketplace focused more on?
Customer and Comapany
_____ and _______ are the central players in the marketing exchange
5C's, STP, 4C's
Which order is correct for the marketing framework?
The 5C's
The first step in the marketing management framework is
The pressure to show results
What is one of the largest factors stressing out marketers these days
Expects to Pay
In a marketing exchange, a customer...
Communicating a product's benefits clearly to the intended target customers occurs during
The Questions, "Will customers want what your company is prepared to produce?" best describes
The 5C's
Which of the following provides a systematic way to think about marketing
Marketing is thought to be evidence of an evolved...
Psychological Level
Marketing should be understood at both the strategic and conceptual levels as well as the...
The economy is part of the _____________ considered during the general analysis of a business situation
Remain customer centric
What is the best way to stay ahead of the competition
Fundamentally, the best marketers put themselves in the place of their...
Product, Price, Place, Promotion
What are the 4 P's
Estimate effectiveness of the promotion
Abigail is the Chief Marketing Officer of ABC Company. What is her role after ABC's recent coupon promotion?
What are my company's strengths
Which of the following questions should Emily ask first when she conducts a situational analysis
When the company's mind-set was, "Let's build a better mouse trap" marketers were focused on...
Product Leadership
When high-tech and electronics companies churn out new products constantly, it demonstrates that they hare competing for
ABC Company has produced the XZY brand. Because it has a relatively large shred in a growing market, it is best classified as a
Cost Leadership
Which of the following is NOT one of the Treacy and Wiesema strategies?
Like most companies, ABC wants to optimize the number of its...
Market Development
Which strategy in the Ansoff's product-market growth matrix combines new markets and current products?
Decrease Variable Costs
Looking for suppliers who are cheaper than our current one but still high quality is an example of a way to
Cost Leadership
A company whose mantra is "We are efficient" is probably pursuing which of the following strategies?
Increase, Change, Decrease
If a company wants to increase its probability, its needs to _____ sales volume, ______ price, or _________ costs
Question Marks
Becuase Brand X has a low market share in a high growth industry, it is classified as a ...
Delight Customers
Image your boss wants you to investigate ways your company might be able to enhance customer satisfaction, create an attractive loyalty program, reward your customers. Most likely, your company's immediate goal is to...
Products with a small share in a non-growing market
What does consider part of the class known as "questions marks"
Which strategy in the Ansoff's product-markets growth matrix is the riskiest?
A company whose mantra is, "We do one thing very well" is probably pursuing which of the following strategies
Market attractiveness, and business strength
The GE model uses the external element of __________ and the inter element of ___________
BCG Matrix
Karen is working on classifying all her companies products in terms of whether they have strong or weak market share and whether this share is in a slow or growing market/ What type of static framework is she using?
Operational Excellence
A package delivery company or cell phone company wouldn't go far if it could not deliver products smoothly and reliably. This means that ___________ is necessary for these industries
Growing Profit
What is a company's ultimate goal?
Market Penetration
Which strategy in Ansoff's product-market growth matrix combines current markets and current products?
Aggressive, conservative
It is not unusual for a company to be more __________ in its youth and to age toward ____________ when it has market share, sales, and customers to protect
According to Porter, _____________ is an attempt to distinguish one's products as unique in the industry