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AP Government-Congress

How old must a House of Representative member be?
How many years of citizenship for a House of Representative member?
How many years does a House of Representative member serve?
How old must a Senator be?
how many years of citizenship for a senator?
how many years does a Senator serve?
approve presidential appointments and treaties, and try impeachment proceedings
powers of a senator (2)
begin all revenue bills, select president if there is no electoral majority, initiate impeachment proceedings
powers of a house of representatives member (3)
power to tax, coin money, declare war, regulate foreign and interstate commerce
powers of Congress (4)
Reapportionment Act of 1929
sets a permanent size of the House and provide a number of seats based on a census taken every 10 years
when did the Republicans control both the House and the Senate because of the disapproval of Clinton?
pet projects added to appropriation bills by congressmen. they are wasteful spending according to critics
person living in districts of an elected official
60 votes of senators needed to stop a filibuster and protect the minority interest
privilege of congressmen, gets free postage for any mailings made as part of their official duties
highly visible, franking privileges, close relationship with legislations, and money advantage
advantages of an incumbent
1994, Newt Gingrich
When and who was elected as the Republican Speaker of the House who supported the Republican Contract with America. he was powerful yet contraversial
Speaker of the House
the 3rd in line to presidency, the most powerful in the House, refers bills, and votes to break ties
Vice President
who is the President of the Senate? his job is to break ties
Senate Majority Leader
the most powerful leader in the Senate
standing committee
deals with proposed bills and are permanent
joint committee
made up of memebers from both parties from the House and Senate. they coordinate investigations and do business between the houses
responsible for keeping pary members in line and having accurate number of who is voting for or against the bill
congressional oversight
gather information to form legislations, review budgets, conduct investigations, and bring to the public's attention the need for public policy
distributive legislation
distribution of good or services to general populations. ex: hgihway construction or health research
redistributive legislation
taking money from one segment of the population in forms of taxes to the other segment through welfare
regulatory legislation
regulates and sets limits on gorups and people. ex: Clean Air and Water Act
log rolling
I'll vote for you legislation if you vote for mine
Contract with America
1994 Republican platform. included: line item veto, crime bill to fund police and prisons, real welfare reform, strengthen parental rights in education, family tax cuts, stronger national defense, job creation, and limited term for Congressmen
gridlock, doesnt reflect the views of constituents, dont care about PACs and special interest groups, unethical, and imperial congress
problems with Congress (4)
means committee
committee responsible for appropriation measures
House Rules Committee
committee that determines which legislation makes it to the florr for voting