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I instructed my students to draw their souls, and I helped Mrs. Cadaver move her rhododendron bushes.


I am wondering why my husband and daughters don't seem to appreciate anything I do.

Margaret Cadaver

I stopped Phoebe Winterbottom on the street because I wanted to talk to her, but she and her friend ran away.

Mr. Birkway

My mom is gone, and all she left was this strange note telling me to keep all the doors locked. I think I should call the police!

Mrs. Winterbottom

I was going to steal from an old man who was swimming in the river, but I ended up helping to save his wife after she got bit by a snake.


I tried to read Sal's palm just to see if she'd let me touch her hand without flinching. I really like her long, dark hair.

The Lunatic

I'm getting to see the whole ding-dong country with my two favorite girls! I want to see all the sights on the way to Lewiston, Idaho


I want to tell Sal about Margaret, but she won't let me. I wish she could understand why I had to leave the house in Bybanks, Kentucky.

Mr. Winterbottom

I can't believe that snake had a snack out of my leg!


I had to leave my family and take a trip on my own to figure who I am. I had planned to return to Bybanks, but in the end, I did not.

Tom Fleet

I don't understand where my mother went and why she didn't tell any of us where she was going. Why didn't she mention this to us? Why didn't she tell my father?


I helped Sal's father get a job in Euclid, Ohio, and I really want Sal to like me.

Ben Finney

My wife has left without any explanation, but she says she'll call in a few days, so I'm not going to worry.


My mother left us and broke my heart, and we had to leave the home I love in Kentucky. I am traveling with my grandparents to see my mother on her birthday.

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