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The minimum requirements for general purpose external financial reporting does NOT include

A transmittal letter

In the proprietary fund statements, a government should include a separate column for

Each major Enterprise Fund, nonmajor Enterprise Funds in the aggregate, Enterprise Funds total, and Internal SErvice Funds in the aggregate

In the fund financial statements, a government should include a separate column for all of the following EXCEPT

Each major Internal Service Fund

In the government-wide statement of net position, interfund receivables and payables

Should only be reported for balances payable between governmental activities and business-type activities

Capital assets are NOT reported

In the General Fund

Wotf do most governmental entities not integrate into their general ledger accounts?

Government-wide information

All of the following transactions could potentially be reconciling items between the governmental fund financial statements and government-wide governmental activities column EXCEPT

Borrowing from a local bank with a short-term loan

When converting the multiple governmental funds to the single entity represented by the governmental activities in the government-wide financial statements, wotf adjustments will NOT be necessary?

Converting the cash account to reflect the different basis of accounting

Wotf items would NOT require an adjustment to convert governmental fund information to governmental activities in the statement of net position?

Due to an Enterprise Fund

The required reconciliation of the governmental fund financial statement information to the governmental activities information in the corresponding government-wide financial statements

May be presented either at the bottom of the fund financial statements or in separate schedules

Wotf must be included to meet the minimum requirements for general purpose external financial reporting?

Basic financial statements, notes to the financial statements, management's discussion and analysis, and other required supplementary information

In the statistical section, the required demographic and economic information includes all of the following EXCEPT

Debt per capita

GAAP do NOT require

Governments to prepare a CAFR

A "dual opinion" audit is one where

The auditors render an opinion on both the basic financial statements and the combining and individual fund financial statements

Wotf financial statements would not be reported anywhere in the fund financial statements presented as part of the basic financial statements?

Statement of Changes in Assets and Liabilities

Nongovernment not-for-profit organizations that wish to follow generally accepted accounting principles in the preparation of their financial statements should follow

FASB standards

Other not-for-profit organizations include

Religious organizations

The statement of net assets for a nongovernment nonprofit organization would report the following components of net assets EXCEPT

Net investment in capital assets

Wotf financial statements is NOT required for all nongovernment not-for-profit organizations?

Statement of functional expenses

Fund raising expenses are reported as

Supporting services expenses

Which of following statements are true

Private colleges and universities must report using the FASB guidance. Public colleges and universities must report using GASB guidance

Which measurement focus is used by governmental universities that report as a business-type special purpose government?

Economic resources measurement focus

Which fund used by colleges and universities is most like a local government's general fund?

Unrestricted current fund

Governmental universities typically report as

Special purpose governments engaged in only business-type activities

If a government university provides loans to qualifying students for tuition and fees, the loans should be reported on the statement of cash flows as

Operating activities

Hospitals disclose the level of charity services provided by disclosing

Both the direct and indirect costs of providing charity services

The measurement focus used by governmental hospitals is the

Economic resources measurement focus

Hospital operating revenues include all of the following except

Investment income

Wotf statements of a government hospital is not required?

Statement of changes in fund balances

Which item is reported significantly differently by government hospitals than by nongovernment, not-for-profit hospitals?

Net position

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