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Moore G. TAHF vocab.


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Ch 1 dismal
Depressing; dreary
Ch 2 ransomed
A sum of money or other payment demanded or paid for the release of a prisoner
Ch 3 lath
a thin, narrow strip of wood used with other strips to form a backing for plaster or as a support for slates and other roofing materials, etc.
Ch 4 raspy
to irritate:
Ch 5 pungle
To put down
Ch 6 hollering
to cry aloud;
Ch 7 wadding
Soft, thick material used to line garments or pack fragile items, especially absorbent
Ch 8 jabber
rapid, unclear, or foolish talk;
talk with no meaning;
Ch 9 brash
not polite;
Ch 10 lumber
Buildingtimber or wood from a tree sawed or split into planks, boards, etc.
Ch 11 brass
Metallurgya metal alloy of copper and zinc
Ch 12 reckon
to consider (someone or something) as;
look upon (someone or something) as
Ch 13 mournful
feeling or expressing grief
Ch 14 skiff
Termsany of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person.
Ch 15 staving
Put off, delaying
Ch 16 fidget
To make a lot of small movements because you are nervous, bored etc.
Ch 17 pensive
Ch 18 decanter
A bottle with a stopper, for serving wine or water
Ch 19 phrenology
The study of personality as it is revealed by bumps on the skull
Ch 20 cipher
Solve a problem
Ch 21 soliloquy
a speech in a drama in which a character, alone or as if alone, reveals innermost thoughts.
Ch 22 frowsy-headed
Unkempt or sloppy looking
Ch 23 rapscallions
A mischievous person
Ch 24 pious
Showing religious reverence
Ch 25 solemn
grave; not funny
Ch 26 frock
Women's dress
Ch 27 shroud
A cloth used to wrap a bidy for burial
Ch 28 slouch
Lazy or incompetent person
Ch 29 candid
Truthful and straightforward; frank
Ch 30 penitentiary
a place for imprisonment or punishment.
satire 1
the prayer
satire 2
the grangerfords being aristocratic
satire 3
the two robers that are liars and huck new but he learned from his papa that with people like this you just need to let them have their own way. Th king has been living in america for such long time that even his language has forgotten (irony)
satire 4
Soon enough, we meet the town's most colorful character, a drunk named Boggs. Boggs has a habit of getting wasted and riding through town on his horse threatening to kill everyone he doesn't like.Everyone is used to Boggs and his empty threats, so they're more inclined to laugh at him than run screaming in the other direction.
Someone who makes threats all the time seldom carries out the threats. A barking dog never bites.
satire 5
people tend to resolve everything by fighting. Lynching seems to be everyone's weekend sport
satire 6
rapscallion- mischievous man, all kings are rapscallions, they steal and lie to the people
satire 7
Turns out, Jim is homesick for his family. He tells Huck a story about his daughter: he once asked her to close the door to their house, but she ignored him.
He asked her again, only to find that she still wouldn't obey him. So, obviously, then he hit her across the head, only to find out later that the child was deaf and couldn't hear him in the first place.
Sometimes we act without know the full story of things, we act by impulse and by our own thinking.
satire 8
Watching the two men blubber on and lament their dear, beloved dead "brother," Huck comments that, "it was enough to make a body ashamed of the human race" Huck thinks it's disgusting the way the duke and king kneel and pray over the dead body, pretending to be distraught.
satire 9
He ends up having to swear he's telling the truth over a book. He does it only because it's a dictionary and not the Bible. He actually respects the bible.