42 terms

Unit 11 Test AP US History

Benjamin Spock wrote about what
Sputnik was capable of
Federal troops sent in to desegregate Central High School
Little Rock, Arkansas
Loser of presidential election of 1960
Kennedy's most obvious disaster
Bay of Pigs
Attorney general of Kennedy
Bobby (Robert) Kennedy
Kennedy's greatest domestic obstacle
Kennedy was frustrated when this industry raised prices
L. Johnson's domestic program
Great Society
Election of 1964 defeated
Barry Goldwater
LBJ political downfall
Vietnam War
Demonstrated to North Vietnamese and political opponents by Johnson - he sought
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Strategy in Vietnam War that failed
bombing of north vietnam
Johnson's adviser
George Ball
In Vietnam, American military strategy
massive american fire power
Prominent student protest organization
Students for Democratic Society
Main premis of General William Westmoreland was
war of attrition
First sign of student rebellion came in 1964
University of Cal-Berkley
Formerly from Harvard, encouraged young people to experiment with drugs
Timothy Leary
Civil rights leader who advocated black power
U.S. turning point of Vietnam War
tet offensive
Invented concept of Levittown (mass construction)
william levitt
1950's critical to suburban life
Dominant social theme of the 1950's
C. Wright Mills wrote that this was the villain
Beat movement
Jack Kerouac
National Defense Educational Act was passed in response to this
Best description of Eisenhower political status
modern republicanism
Eisenhower's legislative record could be characterized by
1960 most racially integrated institution
Significant achievement of Eisenhower years
highway system
First president to seriously alter racial issues
NAACP lawyer, Brown vs. Board of Education
Thurgood Marshall
Brown vs. Board of Education overturned
Plessy versus Ferguson
1953 Eisenhower appointed Chief Justice
Earl Warren
Arkansas governor
Orville Faubus
Organization founded by MLK Jr.
MLK Jr. philosophy of protest
non violence
JFK's domestic program known as
New Frontier
JFK's plan to balance nuclear weapons with conventional armed forces
flexible response
Keep east Germans out
berlin wall
russian leader
nikita khrushchev