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Borders of Hasselbach's Triangle. Direct or indirect hernias?
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Posterior branches of the Internal Iliac (hypogastric)Iliolumbar Lateral Sacral Superior GlutealAnterior branches of the Internal IliaObturator Inferior gluteal (Alcock's) Umbilical A Uterine A Vaginal Superior and INFerior vesicle Middle rectal Internal Pudendal (Alcock's)Ilioinguinal & iliohypogastric N (L1) can be injuredWith trocar placement iliohypogstric can be cut during a C-sectionGenitofemoral N. (L1-L2) can be injured by: Sensory to:Retractors Sensory to labia majora and upper ant thighLat. Femoral cutaneous levelsL1-L2Femoral N levels? Motor toL2-L4 Motor to quadriceps (knee ext), iliacus, sartorius and pectineusObturator N. Levels? Motor to?L2-L4 motor to adductorMotor nerves of lumbosacral plexus and levelsIliohypogastric (L1) Lioinguinal (L1) Femoral (L2-4)Bipolar cautery can spread ___mm5mmBranches of femoral A. (After inguinal lig)external pudendal Superfidial &deep circumflex iliac Superficial epigastricPudendal N. levels Motor/Sensory toS2-4 Motor Inferior rectal branch: anus & perirectal skin Perinial branch: perineal spaces &labia Dorsal n of the clitorisCourse of the pudendal n.Through greater sciaic foramen, around ischial spine, back into pelvis through lesser sciatic foramenand Alcock'sObturator N. levels: MC way to injure this nerve? When injured, affects:L2-4 MCly injured in lymphadenectomy No adductionFemoral N most likely injured bySelf retaining retractorsSciatic N levelsL4-S3femoral triangleSartorius adductor longus Inguinal ligamentMC artery injured with laparoscopyInferior epigastric arteryMC nerve injured in CSLateral femoral cutaneous/ iliohypogastricMC place to injure BladderDOMESuperior mesenteric artery suppliesRight colon, distal part of small bowelinferior mesenteric artery suppliesLeft colon watershed at level of splenic flexureMC way to injure bowelwith trocar