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  1. creditor
  2. salary
  3. rent
  4. royalty
  5. commission
  1. a a fixed amount of money paid on a regular basis
  2. b a sum paid to authors, musicians etc. as a percentage of the proceeds from their work
  3. c regular payment made by a tenant to an owner for
  4. d the percentage of a sales price received by a salesperson for her or his services
  5. e a person who is owed money

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  1. a payment made for the use of money that has been borrowed
  2. expenses that change over time
  3. what remains after all business expenses are deducted from the sales revenue
  4. represent a small slice of the ownership (a
  5. money received by workers, usually on a weekly basis, for services they provide to an employer

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  1. credit bureaua person who is owed money


  2. bankruptwhen a business, or person, is unable to pay her or his debts


  3. guarantora person who owes money


  4. secured loannothing is deposited as a guarantee to


  5. premiumthe cost of an insurance policy