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  1. dividend
  2. profit
  3. superannuation
  4. repossession
  5. credit bureau
  1. a a way of saving so an employee has some money in retirement. The employer makes set payments into a superannuation fund, which the employee cannot touch until she or he reaches a certain age
  2. b an organisation that keeps on ®le the
  3. c to take back goods bought on credit if repayments have not been made
  4. d sum payable as pro®t for shares
  5. e what remains after all business expenses are deducted from the sales revenue

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  1. a payment made for the use of money that has been borrowed
  2. the amount a person has left after income tax is deducted
  3. someone who guarantees to pay back the money if the borrower does not
  4. a person who is owed money
  5. a fixed amount of money paid on a regular basis

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  1. feemoney paid to others for their services


  2. rentmoney paid to others for their services


  3. bankruptwhen a business, or person, is unable to pay her or his debts


  4. unsecured loannothing is deposited as a guarantee to


  5. secured loansomething deposited as a guarantee to


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