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  1. commission
  2. interest
  3. bankrupt
  4. superannuation
  5. income
  1. a a payment made for the use of money that has been borrowed
  2. b a way of saving so an employee has some money in retirement. The employer makes set payments into a superannuation fund, which the employee cannot touch until she or he reaches a certain age
  3. c the percentage of a sales price received by a salesperson for her or his services
  4. d when a business, or person, is unable to pay her or his debts
  5. e money received on a regular basis from work,

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  1. represent a small slice of the ownership (a
  2. time during which work is done outside regular
  3. someone who guarantees to pay back the money if the borrower does not
  4. money paid to others for their services
  5. putting money into something in order to

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  1. default noticea document from a lender stating that a


  2. wagemoney paid to others for their services


  3. secured loannothing is deposited as a guarantee to


  4. rentregular payment made by a tenant to an owner for


  5. unsecured loannothing is deposited as a guarantee to