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God _____________________ us time and again despite our dishonesty, ___________________, and sinfulness. His forgiveness and ________________________ come to us most completely in the Person of ____________________.
Forgives; deception; compassion; Jesus Christ
What is at the heart of the Paschal Mystery?
Christ's redemptive death on the cross and his Resssurection, which have happened so he can forgive us and we can live in eternity with the Trinity
A basic thought process for humans is ___________________—figuring out the ___________________ of our own lives and the larger scope of what it means to be __________________. We are meant to seek and to know the _______________.
Questioning; meaning; human; truth
What is philosophy?
The investigation of truths and principals using human reason
______________________ holds that the __________________ world and God are one and the same while _______________________ holds there are many _____________ who are responsible for the creation of the world. Other ancient religions hold that there are two ________________________ in the universe, one evil and the other good, who are constantly engaged in a ________________________________.
Pantheism; material; polytheism; gods; equal spirits; Cosmic Struggle
True or False? Catholics respect the beliefs of other religions about God and the origins of the world.
Catholics believe that the ______________________ is a loving Father who has sent his only ____________ to live among us, to teach us about the ___________________, to show us how to live, and to ___________________ us so that we can one day we can go to ______________________.
Divine Author; Son; Father; redeem; Heaven
True or False? While the Church respects other religions, she must share with other the Good News that Jesus Christ is the "way, the truth, and the life."
Out of God's _________________ mercy and love he stepped into human __________________ to disclose who he really is through the events of __________________________. Through Divine _____________________ God revealed to the world to the mystery of the _________________________.
Infinite; history; salvation history; revelation; Divine Plan
Why are we here?
Because God created us to know Him, to love Him, and to be called in communion with him
Under the inspiration of the _______________________ the Apostles handed on a single ____________________ ______________ to the Church through their oral ___________________ and their __________________. We find the single Deposit of Faith in Sacred ______________________ and Sacred ___________________.
Holy Spirit; Deposit of Faith; preaching; writings; Tradition; Scripture
What is Sacred Tradition?
The living transmission of the Church's Gospel message found in the church's teaching, life, and worship. It is faithfully preserved, handed on, and interpreted in the Church's magisterium
Sacred Scripture is "the ________________________ as it is put down in __________________ under the breath of the _______________________." Jesus Christ is the unique _______________ of Sacred Scripture, both its starting and ending __________________.
Speech; writing; Holy Spirit; Word; points
True or False? We can rely on the truth of Sacred Scripture because it is inspired by the Apostles.
Why is the authority Christ entrusted to the Apostles and their successors important?
Because it keeps the Church from error and guarantees that Christ's Gospel is passed down authentically to future Generations
The Holy Spirit guides the ____________________ (the pope and bishops) so that they can _____________ the Word of God, _______________ to it faithfully, _________________ it through the ages, and _______________ it to the Church so that we can ___________ according to Christ's teachings.
Magisterium; serve; listen; preserve; explain; live
What was the heresy known as Gnosticism?
Second Century movement that claimed secret knowledge was revealed only to Gnostic leaders or apostles
In his treaty "Against Heresies, St. ____________________________ highlighted the importance of Church _____________________ for arriving at religious truth. He stated that the source of right _________________ and _________________ resides with the ________________________ because the Church was founded by Jesus and entrusted to _________________________.
Irenaeus; tradition; teaching; belief; Roman Catholic Church; St. Peter
What does it mean to read the Bible with understanding?
It means to recognize that it deals with a time, people, and culture that are foreign to us
How do we interpret the Bible correctly?
To interpret the Bible correctly, we must gather some background information on the text, including being able to distinguish between figurative, symbolic,and what should be taken literally.
The Second Vatican Council states that ___________ used humans and human language to communicate his _____________________. Therefore, we must first figure out what the ___________________ of the texts really ___________________ by their written words such as paying close attention to _________________________ that appear in the Bible.
God; message; authors; meant; literary forms
urther, we should pay attention to the ____________________ and ways of ___________________, feeling, and ______________________ information that took place at the _______________ the sacred author was writing.
Customs; speaking; passing on; time
What further question must we ask after identifying the literary form?
What did God want to teach by way of these words, that is, using the literary forms
True or False? Together, the Old and New Testaments express the speech of God in human words.
The ________________ sense refers to the literal __________________ conveyed by the words of Sacred Scripture and conveyed by ___________________. The goal of exegesis is to bring out the __________________ author's intentions, ____________________, and meaning related to the writings.
Literal; meaning; the words and those discovered by Exegesis; biblical; purpose
What examples of literary forms are offered by the author?
Anthem; Census; Debate; Epigram; Etiology; Genealogy; Maxim; and Parable
The ___________________ sense of Scripture can be divided into three subdivisions: (a) ___________________—understanding Scripture by recognizing its connection and significance with _____________; (b) ______________—how Scripture ought to lead us to act more ________________; and (c) ______________________—how the sacred words are intended to lead us to ___________________________.
Spiritual; allegorical; Christ; Moral: justly; anagogical; eternal life
Both ___________________ accounts are part of primeval _________________ and are in the form of _____________ in which ancient peoples tried to express spiritual ________________ and basic cultural beliefs in the form of stories or ______________________. They use common ____________________ and symbols.
Creation; history; myth; truths; narratives; themes
True or False? In their primeval accounts of creation, the Israelites borrowed some of the traditional elements, symbols, and stories from the myths of their neighbors.
What was the intention of the author of the first creation account?
To show the Jews who were in captivity in Babylon, or had recently returned to Jerusalem, that God is the Only true God
Creation takes place in __________ days, with each day representing a _________________ level of creation, with __________________ as the peak of God's design. To contrast ancient myths that held that some creatures were _____________, each day is delineated by the refrain: "_____________________________________."
6; higher; humans; evil; God saw how good it was
True or False? In the first creation account males and females were created at separate times.
In whose image is man created?
How does the biblical author remind the Jews of their obligation to worship God on the Sabbath?
By saying God rested on the seventh day
The Pentateuch contains the _______________, the Law of the ________________ people. It is also known as the "Book of _______________" because ancient Judaism and early ______________________ believed that Moses authored them. In fact, Moses is the ____________________________ of the Pentateuch.
Torah; Jewish; Moses; Christianity; Centeral figure
Briefly describe each of the four stages in the formation of the Pentateuch.
• Stage 1:

• Stage 2:

• Stage 3:

• Stage 4:
1: Strong personality of Moses, languages and the events of Exodus, God's deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt
2:Various laws, speeches, and stories about human, reflections literal celebrations, handed down verbally and some were written
3: Authors and editors began to collect their sources into a Continuous Narrative
4: 4th 5th century, under leadership of Ezra, the various traditions were brought together into the five-volume document we know as the Pentateuch
The name of this source comes from the Greek word meaning "second law" and it refers to God as Yahweh.
This source originated during the Babylonian Exile and refers to God in the formal "Elohim."
The name of this source comes from its frequent use of Yahweh for God's name and provides the basic outline for the Pentateuch.
This source uses Elohim, a generic name for "god" in Hebrew and it emphasizes the prophecy of Elijah and Elisha as well as the theme of covenant.
The first creation account reveals important religious and theological _______________ including these: There is only ____________ God; God ___________________ creation—it did not result from _________________ forces or chance; God created an _________________ and good world out of nothing and material creation is _________.
Truths; God; Planned; chaotic; ordered; good
Further truths include: ___________ is created in God's own image; God gave humans a place of ______________ in creation making them ___________________ over what he created; God blessed the ___________________ and made it _______________.
Man; honor; stewards; sabbath; Holy
In what three ways are humans unique?
We possess great dignity, value, and worth. We are able to know and love God. We are predates to share in the eternal Goodness of God Himself by reproducing in our own life the Images of Jesus Christ
The second creation account portrays God as _________________________ which images God as a ______________ who molds Adam's body and breathes his spirit, the _________________________. Yahweh creates humans __________________ any other creatures, an image of _____________________ between human and divine.
Anthropomorphic; potter; breath of life; before; closeness
Because _________________ do no fulfill Adam's basic human need for _______________________ the author gives the further story of the creation of ___________. This second story provides an etiology of _________________ and reveals that Yahweh wants the couple to "________________________________."
Animals; companionship; Eve from Adam's rib; marriage; become one body
What caused human beings to feel ashamed?
Sin entering the picture
The second creation account emphasizes both the _________________ and ___________________ between man and woman and teaches that God created human in ____________________ with his Creator. It also teaches that Adam and Eve were born in a state of Original ____________________ and Original ______________________.
Equality; differences; friendship; Holiness; Justice
True or False? The CCC states that the first three chapters of Exodus are foundational because they reveal important truths about creation.
The Book of ________________ was written to comfort and encourage a _____________________ people who were in captivity in ______________________ in the sixth century BC. Isaiah intended to let the people know that just as God _____________________ the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, he will ____________________ the captives from the Babylonians.
Isaiah; disheartened; Babylonia; delivered; recieve
The _________________ are "songs of praise" to God and are a source of ______________________, instruction, hope, consolation, and instruction for both Jews and Christians. ___________________ is a central theme in many Psalms, stressing God's uniqueness, _________________ and majesty, while reminding us that we should _________________ God.
Psalms; inspiration; Creation; power; worship
What four things does St. Paul's Letter to the Colossians proclaim Jesus Christ to be?
Agent of Creation, Wisdom of God, the (sustainer), the savior
The Gospel of John refers to Jesus as the ________________.
Word of God
The Church professes ________________ in the creative activity of the _______________________. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit came to the ____________________ on ____________________ Sunday and emboldened Christ's disciples and formed them into the ___________________.
Belief; Holy Spirit; Apostles; Pentecost; Church
When ___________ said, "Let us make man in our ______________, after our __________________," the words suggest the activity of all ________________________ of the Blessed Trinity. ____________________ is the work of Father Son, and Holy Spirit.
God; image; likeness; three persons; the creation
God is the master _________________, the Creator, whose creation is _____________________. From the beginning, humans were meant to be in communion and ___________________ with our loving God. Because of the tragic consequences of __________________________, he promised a __________________ who would redeem us from sin and death.
Builder; very good; harmony; original sin; savior