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A Texan of Mexican desent

Manifest Destiny

The belief that America should expand its Territorial limits is the _______


To add on or attach


A person opposed to slavery and in favor of ending it

Fugitive Slave Law

The law that made it easier for slave holders to get runaway slaves returned to them

Republican party

A political party made up of people who wanted to keep the western territory free of slavery


people moved to the _____ to start a new business, buy a bigger farm and start a new life


early _______ (the word!) mostly came from Ireland and Germany. Over 5 million traveled from 1790-1860. Settled in eastern cities and then moved west


the year in which Mexico won Independance from Spain


this country sold cheap parts of land so this part of their country would be settled. Americans had to: 1) become catholic 2) become citizens 3) learn spanish. 5 problems: 1) didn't change religion 2) didn't give up slavery 3) didn't like mexican laws/customs 4) didn't learn Spanish 5) kept American ways of life

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

dictator/Pres. of Mexico. Led mexican army to fight Americans/Tejano's in Texas


on 3/6/1836 Mexican army took control of this place killing all adult men inside including Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie

Battle of San Jacinto

on April 21, 1836 American army won battle with Mexican army. Army captured Santa Anna, who then gave Texas their independance

Lone Star Republic

name given to "Texas" because it was not allowed to become a state, so it was its own separate country for approx. 10 yrs. Slavery issue kept it out of Union. Northern States didn't want another slave state

Oregon Fever

the overwhelming desire to move to Oregon Country

Oregon Country

claimed by USA, England and Russia. Split between USA- Southern and England Northern Russia- none. Border 54, 40 N. Latitude

54, 40'

Northern Boundry of Oregon Terr.- Alaska. US wanted all of O.T. up to this. O.R. was split at 49 N

James K. Polk

Democratic party. Thought USA should own the entire piece all the way up to Alaska. Wanted to annex Texas [[Lone Star Republic]]

Henry Clay

Whig Party. Didn't want Texas. Didn't want to push for all of Oregon Country. Feared wars with England or Mexico


this state became a state in 1845

War with Mexico

occurred due to annexation of Texas. US won. Got California, Nevada, Utah, NM, Arizona and Texas. [for sure]


3 positions: 1) Wanted slavery, thought it was ok and necessary for plantation labor 2) abolish slavery everywhere, was not correct or justified 3) Wrong but feared discussion would split country, shouldn't spread into new territories

John C. Calhoun

from S.C. defended slavery position 1

Danie Webster

from Mass., position 3

William Llyod Garrison/Fredrick Douglas

Both were abolitionists, position 2

Compromise of 1850

Written by Henry Clay to decide slavery issues in western territories [west of LA purchase] 4 parts- 1) California free state, liked by North 2) No slave trade in Washington D.C, like by North 3) Fugitive Slave law- return escaping slaves a must, liked by South 4) Two new territories,Utah and NM, future of slavery here undecided, liked by South

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Wrote anti-slavery book, Uncle Tom's Cabin as a reaction to the Fugitive Slave Law, Published in 1852. Showed the world of evils and tried to turn readers against it

Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854

Written by Stephen A. Douglas- senator from Illinois. This repeated the comp. of 1820. now settlers in Kan.-Nebraska could vote to decide if slavery should be allowed in terr. Originally the compromise of 1820 said NO SLAVERY!

Republican Party

organized to stop spread of slavery into new terr. Began in 1854. A. Lincoln was the republican candidate in 1860

Stephen A. Douglas

Wrote Kansas-Nebraska act 1854. Ran against Lincoln in 1856 and won. Thought voters should deserve issues of slavery in new terr.


Pro-anti slavery group fought each other instead of voting about slavery on each side. John Brown [Anti-Slavery] led a raid on town killing 5 pro-slave people

Dred Scott Decision

D.S. was a slave who lived in a free state. Sued for freedom in US federal courts. They said: 1) he was still a slave 2) slaves were not citizens 3) slaves therefore had no rights. The only way NOT to be a slave 1) escape out of country 2) be given legal freedom 1857

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