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Latin II Mythology

Here is a list of persons, characters etc that we read about in the course of our myth readings .
king of the gods and ruled the sky. His weapons were thunder and lightning, Romans believed that he protected the city of Rome and there was a huge temple built to him. Did not want to share fire with humans!
Jupiter's brother and god of the sea. Known as Poseidon in Greek mythology. Also the god of earthquakes and called the earth shaker. He was the grandfather of Erysichthon and made it so Erysichthon consumed himself and died, since he was infected with Famine.
cut down sacred grove and built a palace there for entertaining dinner guests. Cursed by Ceres/Demeter and was never full as a result of being infected by Famine. He didn't have respect for other people's property.
god of wine called Dionysus in Greek. Learned the art of making wine and taught people how to do it. Had followers who performed wild dances of ecstasy because they were happy about the wine.
jovial son of Pan, had a pot-belly and was a frequent drinker. He was the dearest friend and advisor of Bacchus
had excessive pride because she had 14 children and thought she should be worshipped as a goddess instead of Leto/Latona who only had 2 children. Is now a statue of grief and cries unceasingly (waterfall)
archer goddess Diana in Roman mythology twin sister of Apollo and shot the 7 daughters of Niobe.
child of Latona/Leto and twin brother of Artemis/Diana . He is the god of the silver bow, He is the sun god also known as Helios or Sol and the father of Phaeton. Had to kill his son Phaeton to prevent the destruction of the heavens and the earth.
thought he could drive Apollo's chariot across the sky and was killed in the process. He bragged about his paternity.
brother of Prometheus and forgot to give man any qualities to help him survive. He married Pandora.
all gifts-each god gave her a gift and she married Epimetheus and then cursed the world when she opened the vase/box she was not supposed to open. She was curious and disobedient but charming and witty too.
founder of the human race, and made all the animals. He loved mankind and made us in the image of the gods. He tricked Jupiter into letting man keep the best meat instead of having to sacrifice it to Jupiter. Then he stole fire from the gods and gave it to man so that they could keep warm and cook their food. Chained to a rock by Vulcan under Jupiter's orders and had liver eaten by every day and each night it would grow back.
god of the forge and made all sorts of clever things from metal. He eventually gained back a throne on Mt Olympus but preferred to be in one of his underground forges. Built new thrones for all the Olympians and also made the terrible thunderbolts for Jupiter. He was ugly and lame.
a tree spirit
female worshipper of Bacchus who carried thrysi ( poles twined with ivy or grapevines and topped with a pine cone) They dressed in animal skins.
male followers of Bacchus and they had goat legs , horse tails, small horns or pointed ears and were woodland animals
received a reward from Bacchus for entertaining Bacchus' dearest friend and advisor Silenus. Got the golden touch and everything he touched turned to gold. He had to dive into the Pactolus river to cleanse himself to get rid of this reward/curse.
goddess of grain and the harvest. Loved her sacred grove of trees and warned Erysichthon not to cut it down. Had Erysichthon cursed with incurable hunger for destroying her grove for his palace. She was the bringer of seasons.
term meaning excessive pride thus referring to one's arroganc about their position in life. Niobe, Phaeton, Erysichthon all suffered from this. Excessive pride is thought to cause ate meaning MADNESS.
clever handsome suitor of Atalanta. Asked for Venus' help in trying to beat Atalanta in the race and got 3 apples which helped to distract Atalanta. Didn't thank Venus afterward though and was turned into a lion for it.
excellent hunter and runner, challenged suitors to races and killed them if they lost. Finally lost against Hippomenes because she was distracted by the apples and ended up marrying him. Didn't thank Venus for her good fortune and was turned into a lion.
mother of the twins Artemis/Diana and Apollo. Got mad at Niobe because Niobe told people to worship Niobe instead of Latona and had her children kill Niobe's children.
named for the city of Athens, goddess of wisdom, handicrafts (especially weaving), war and agriculture. Born from Jupiter's head.