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Ile de France


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La galerie des Glaces
the hall of mirrors 73 meters
Forrest popular for cylcling, rock climbing and horseback riding
Le jardin du Luxembourg
Park where children sail toy boats
Palace of French King Louis XIV, in 1682 moved from Paris
Notre Dame de Chartres
Cathedral known for its stained glass and architecture
L'îl de la cité
Island located in the middle of the siene river known as the cradle of Paris
La tour Eiffel
Tallest monument in the world in 1889
la Seine
2nd longest river in France and runs through Paris
Le château de vaux-le-vicomte
Known for its classic style and beautiful garden near melun
Le Brie
Cheese specialty in meaux
Les pâtisseries
Typical French desserts
Les escargots
Snails from burgundy
Claude Monet
impressionist painter of impressionist movement
le Centre Pompidou
Mall of art in beabourg
La Fontaine Stravinsky
Niki de saint phalle fountain in beaubourg
Napoleon Bonaparte
French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)
La révolution française
Holiday that marks the fall of the Bastille prison
Disneyland paris
Opened in 1992 in marne-la-vallée
Le parc astrérix
Amusement park of famous French comic book character