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= connected to the history of a country or group of people. Ex. They live in a ___________ Japanese home.
= connected to the present or recent time. Shanghai has many ________ buildings.
= connected with how a building is able to stand Ex. The earthquake caused _________ damage to the building.
= materials that were used for something and are being used again. Ex. The product uses ____________ materials.
= things like wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. that are used to build things. Ex. They made this product with only high quality _________.
= connected with beauty and the study of beauty. Ex. The building has a nice _________ but it is not comfortable to live in.
= the way that something has been planned and made, including its appearance, how it works etc. Ex. They worked for months on the _________ of the new car.
= connected to the past. Ex. They visited some _________ places.
= Easy to see; special or unusual. Ex. The style of the house is very ________.
= the thing you have planned or want to happen. Ex. What was the __________ use of this room?
= something that is new, different, and better than those that existed before. Ex. The design of the iPhone was very ____________ at the time.
= to make someone happy or satisfied. Ex. They tried hard to ________ their customers.
= useful and practical rather than attractive or comfortable. Ex. Their house is _________ but not very beautiful.
= made in a plain style, without a lot of decoration or unnecessary things added. Ex. She likes _______ designs that are beautiful.
= when something has colors that are too bright and looks cheap. Ex. She wore _________ jewelry.
= a tall solid upright stone post used to support a building or as a decoration. Ex. The White House has ________ in front.
= relating to the language, literature etc of ancient Greece and Rome. Ex. Many government building in the U.S. have ________ architecture.
= something that happens in a natural way or looks like a part of nature. Ex. Gaudi's architecture has a very ________ feel to it.
floor plan
= a map of the rooms in a house or building. Ex. They looked at the _________ of the house.
= The top outside part of a house or building. Ex. The ______ is made of ceramic tiles.
= the part of a building or house where you go in. Ex. The ________ to the house was beautiful.
= a building material that is made by mixing sand, small stones, cement, and water. Ex. They built the floor of the house out of ________.
= a type of fence made of wire twisted together into a diamond pattern. Frank Gehry sometimes uses ____________ fence in his buildings.
= cheap enough for most people to buy. Ex. They wanted to make the product __________.
If something is energy __________, it uses as little energy as possible
= intended to be fun rather than serious. Ex. The design was very ________ and made him happy.
= good at finding ways of dealing with practical problems. Ex. Frank Gehry is very _________ and uses materials in unusual ways.
= designed to be useful rather than beautiful or attractive. Ex. The bag was ____________ but not very beautiful.
= an idea or a plan that is very intelligent yet simple. Ex. They found an _________ solution to the problem.
think outside of the box
= to think of new, different, or unusual ways of doing something, especially in business. (5-word idiom) Ex. Designers often need to ___________ and find new solutions to problems.
= a strong metal that can be shaped easily, and made from iron and carbon. Ex. The sculpture is made of stainless ___________.
= things made of clay and then baked until they are hard. Ex. the roof is made with __________ tiles.
= a regularly repeated arrangement of shapes, colours, or lines on a surface, usually as decoration. Ex. There was a colorful __________ on the wall.
= containing many small parts or details that all work or fit together. Ex. The outside of the bag has __________ patterns all over it.
= a rock that is used for building things. Ex. There was a __________ wall near the house.
= when something is smooth and level with no angle. Ex. Their house has a ________ roof.
= a type of plaster that is used especially to cover the outside walls of buildings. Ex. They used ________ to cover his house.
= a hard block of baked clay used for building walls, houses etc. Ex. On the East Coast there are a lot of _________ houses.
= an object or design that has two halves that are exactly the same shape and size. Ex. The picture is perfectly ____________.
= when something gradually bends and is not straight. Ex. There is a _______ in the road.
= a structure with a curved top and straight sides that supports the weight of a bridge or building. Ex. Roman architecture has a lot of __________.
= a very tall modern city building. Ex. There are many ___________ in Chicago and New York.
= a mistake, mark, or weakness that makes something imperfect. Ex. There is a _________ in the design.
= when something feels natural and is very easy to use. = The design of the app was very __________.
= it does what it is supposed to do. Ex. The pen not only looks good but also _________ well.
= making you feel annoyed, upset, or impatient because you cannot do what you want to do. Ex. Trying to use a poorly designed app is really __________.
= unclear and difficult to understand. Ex. The website was very ___________.
= giving pleasure, enjoyment, or satisfaction. Ex. The design of the website is very ___________.
= a surface has no rough parts, lumps, or holes, especially in a way that is pleasant and attractive to touch. Ex. The surface of the iPhone is so ___________.
= one of the sides of an object. Ex. The ___________ of the iPhone is so smooth.
= something that is annoying, because it causes problems or is difficult to do (Slang = a pain in the ass). Ex. Getting a driver's license is such a _________.
user interface
= how a computer program looks on screen and how the user enters commands and information into the program. (2 words) Ex. Quizlet has a really good _________.
= pretty or attractive, but not always necessary or useful. Ex. There were ___________ carvings and pictures around the windows and doors of the building.
= the inner part or inside of something. Ex. The _________ of the building was very dark.
= the outside of something, especially a building. Ex. The __________ of the house was very colorful.

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