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  1. Ceteris paribus, if Tamika pays off a loan at the bank then over time:
  2. Which of the following functions like money but is not included in M1?
  3. Which of the following is not a function performed by banks?
  4. For a single bank in a large banking system, excess reserves are equal to the
  5. The total quantity of output demanded at alternative price levels in a given time period, ceteris paribus is the definition of:
  1. a The money supply becomes smaller
  2. b Determining fiscal policy
  3. c Aggregate demand
  4. d Money-market mutual funds
  5. e Amount of loans a bank can make after meeting the reserve requirement

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  1. $200 million
  2. Fractional reserves
  3. Purchase stock
  4. $70,000
  5. The bank will be able to make more loans

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  1. Money is functioning as a standard of value when youUse it to compare two houses in different price ranges


  2. If excess reserves are $30,000, demand deposits are $500,000 and the minimum reserve requirement is 10 percent, then total reserves are:$45,000


  3. One HEADLINE article in the text is titled "Goods Replace Rubles in Russia's Vast Web of Trade". According to this article, the Russian currency:Traveler's checks


  4. Money-market mutual funds areIt creates a transactions-account balance for the borrower


  5. The term fractional reserves refers toReserves being a fraction of total deposits