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for the honors test on may 4th.

What were the French doing in Indochina?

They were trying to reestablish control over their former colony.

Why did the US support the French?

The US needed them as aliies in Europe.

Identify. Ho Chi MIn

The leader of the vietnamese independence movement.

Identify. Vietmin

A resistance group fighting for independance in Vietnam.

Why is it ironic that the US sent $15 million to aid the French?

Minh helped US in WWII

Identify. Domino Theory

If one country falls to communism then one by one, they all will.

Identify. Geneva Accords

It divided Vietnam into the North and South

Which parts of Vietnam were which politcal partiy?

North - Communist & South- Democracy

Identify. Ngo Dinh Diem

strong, anti - communist leader, supported by the US

Why did Diem refuse to take part in nationwide elections in 1956?

Diem knew that he would lose.

Identify. Vietcong

National liberation front, southern communists

What was the Ho Chi Minh trail?

The way that the North supplied the Vietcong with weapons

What was a first with the Vietnam war?


What ended up happenning to Diem after his regime became corrupt?


What was making the Vietcong more popular?

After Diems death, each new unstable regime added to the chaos

What was Operation Rolling Thunder?

Systematic bombing of North Vietnam

Why did Johnson decide to start attacking North Vietnam?

The USS Maddox was bombed a few times by North Vietnamese

What was the Tonkin Gulf Resolution?

NOT a declaration of war. However, it gave Johnson broad military powers in Vietnam,

Why couldn't the US declare war?

There was no "COUNTRY" to declare war on.

Who was the commander of the American troops in Vietnam?

General Willaim Westmoreland

In the begininning, did the US support the war?

YES. about 61%

What truned the war into a frustrating stalemate?

Guerilla Warfare tactics.

Explain. Difficulty recognizing the enemy

The vietcong didnt wear uniforms...they dressed as civilians

Explain. Tunnel System

elaborate tunnels used ot move men and supplies

Explain. Booby traps and land mines

explosive traps used to demoralize americans (tripwire etc.)

What was strange about the battles?

The US never lost , but it seemed that the vietcong would pay any price for victory

Explain. Battle of Hearts and Minds

The US was trying to win the hearts of the Southern people so that they wouldnt be influenced by the North. (as opposed ti fear)

What were search and destroy missions?

US soliders were dropped in the jungle and told to find the enemy and kill them

Identify. Napalm

similar to a wall of fire.

Identify. Agent Orange


Why dont we use the draft anymore?

Troops were forced to fight a war they didnt support, many turned to abusins substances -drug, alcohol- low morale led to murder of supeior officers

When inflation rised, Johnson aksed for a tax increase. What did the congressmen want in return for the new taxes.

cut social welfare programs.

Wwhat was the credibility gap?

what the government said and what people saw on tv were different

Identidy. Tet

a vietnamese holiday - similar to new years eve

Identify. Tet Offensive

An attack launched by the Vietcong on Tet. It attacked over 100 towns/cities and 12 US airbases and the US Embassay in Saigon

Results of Military attack (Tet Offensive)

crippling, clear loss for the vietcong

Results of Political attack (Tet Offensive)

success for vietcong- many americans turned against the war

Identify. Walter Cronkite

Well Respected CBS Anchorman

What was so important about Walter Cronkite?

He turned against the war in Vietnam - Changed many peoples minds

What were the 2 key points of President Johnsons address to the American people in March?

He wouldnt run for president again and focus on ending war.

Why did Sirhan assassinate Robert Kennedy?

He was a palastinean student and robert pledged to help isreal

Identify. Dove

against war (peace)

Identify. Hawk

for war

Why was Humphrey the clear favorite?

He was Johnsons VP

Identify. Yippie

Youth International Party Members

What happened outside of the democratic national convention?

HUGE protest that turned violent (AKA the chicago police riot)

What role did George Wallace play in the election of 1968?

He was a spolier. He won 5 states in the deep south and spoiled the democrats chance at winning

Who won the election of 1968?


Identify. Vietnamization

South Vietnam fights more and the US fights less - this way US troops could begin to pull out

Identify. Madman Theory

In order to maintain dignity in pulling out of the war, Nixon intensified the bombing of North Vietnam and threated nukes. (He knew he wouldnt use them but he wants Vietnam to think he would)

Explain. My Lai Massacre

US platoon massacred innocent civilains in a small town - searching for vietcong members

How did college students react to the invasion of Cambodia?

most violent anti - war protests

Explain. Kent State

students were getting out of control and guards shot 4 students

Explain.Hardhat protest

construction workers in NY beat up anti - war protestors

Identify. Daniel Elsberg

He leaed classified military doecuments to the NY Times and they proved that the government was lying about vietnam

What did Nixon do to bring the North Vietnamese back to the table?

Christmas Bombings - 3 weeks bombing

What did the peace agrement made in Moscow say?

The US would leave, The NOrth wouldnt invade the South and all POW's would be traded back

What happened to Saigon after the US left?

North rolled into Saigon, South surrendered and it was renamed Ho Chi Minh City

After the US left, what happened in Southeast Asia?

many vietnamese fled, reeducation camps were opened to teach about communism and the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia kill millions

What policys were changed in the US after Vietnam?

Draft - hasnt been used since and War Powers Act - presidents military powers are more limited

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