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Lab Safety quiz

How many emergency stop buttons are there in Mrs. Gagnon's room?
Where is the fire blanket and the first aid kit?
By the closest door
Describe a test tube holder.
A wooden rack constructed to hold test tubes.
When do you use the small tongs?
To hold hot test tubes.
What does a triple beam balance weigh? And in what units?
Mass in grams
Identify this item
Describe an Erlanmeyer flask
Describe a graduated cylinder. Does it measure mass or volume?
If you break a piece of glassware, spill a liquid or are injured, what do you do?
Notify teacher immediately
Name three things a student should do before beginning a science lab.
Tie back loose hair, tuck in clothing, put on goggles.
Where is the eye wash station?
In corner by exit.
How do you know what equipment belongs at each lab station?
Index cards list supplies in drawer and in cabinets
Name the item you never bring to science class or lab.
Food, snacks, or sugared drinks.