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What network topology has the inherent weakness of a single point of failure

The Star physical network

Define "networking standard"

The details of what a networking topology does and how it does it

"De facto standards"

No particular standards, they are established as a matter of practice

About how many bytes are in a kilobyte (KB)

1000 bytes

Convert to decimal "00101011"


A single hexadecimal digit is equivalent to ______ binary digits


How are "Voice Communications" converted to digital signals

By being broken into very small samples, and then binary values are assigned to them

How are "video files compressed"

Taking a standard video and storing it in a smaller video file

What part identifies the protocol being used


The internet core comprises of

Many separate networks, some small some large

What is designed to specifically manage computer peripheral devices

Device driver

Why is the TCP/IP model divided into layers

To make it easier to understand how networks work, write protocols for networks, and to create standards for networks

Why is the TCP/IP considered an "open" network model

It is not owed by any specific organization and shares details of how it works with all

The function of a Routers in networking is to

Move data between separate LAN's, often by linking them to WAN lines in a network

What is "Encapsulation"

A way to address data to cross over any type of network link

In TCP/IP networks, each devices needs neither an _________or an __________ to be able to transmit or recevie data. This is handled simply by the NIC Card

IP address or an MAC address

The address is an example of

An IP Address

Define The Physical Layer of TCP/IP model

Anything that is used to transmit bits over a single physical connection

What is the benefit of having the Wi-Fi Alliance's input on how wireless devices act

Because wireless devices from different vendors are more likely to be interoperable

Frames are associated with what layer in the TCP/IP and OSI model

Data link layer

LAN's and WAN's do NOT differ on the means they use to send data. What is three ways the send data

Electricity, light, and RF

Why is it important to understand alternating current when learning about networks

AC signal changes over time, which gives standard groups more options for how to encode data using electricity

Full duplex transmits and receives simultaneously. There are 4 wires how do they work

one pair of wires for receiving and another pair for transmitting

To Attenuate when describing data signals means _______

Signal fade

Name the connector for UTP network cabling


802.11g is considered

Wireless LAN topology/ standard

Satellite, microwaves, and others are considered

WAN topologies

CSMA/CA is used on wireless LAN's for

Avoidance of data frame collisions

Today in a typical LAN, fiber optics are more commonly used for links between?

Floors, and buildings

When cabling across an area that has a lot of EMI you would use?

Shielded twisted pair cabling

Straight-through cables are used to

Connect unlike devices. Such as connecting a pc to a printer

Cross-over or Rollover cables are used in what situations

Connect a PC to router to configure it, PC to switch to configure it, and a PC to a PC to share data

How do LAN switches determine how to deliver a frame to the correct destination

MAC address table

If you wanted to find out if you could reach a printer or another device on the network you would use

A ping command

when developing a network troubleshooting strategy you should generally start where

bottom up on the TCP/IP model

Ethernet began life as a

LAN technology

What is the IEEE standard for Ethernet


Ethernet "bit rate" defined by IEEE standards

speed of the cables used in an Ethernet network

What is "10BaseTx"

Twisted pair cable

Edge switches would typically be located in what layer

Access Layer

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