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Client ask many questions about risk of procedure

Ask surgeon to speak to the client for clarification.

Capoten (Captopril)

Risk for complications due to interaction with anesthetic agents.

Jehovah Witness

Providing informed consent to receive blood products.

Maintaining room at cool temperature with low humidity d/t

risk of fire.

Patient sm. bowel obstruction been vomiting past 24 hrs. Pain level 8 out of 10 and finding hard, distended abdomen and absent bowel sounds.

Put in NG tube

Person wearing watch under scrubs

Req. intervention.

Warfarin (Coumadin)

Discontinue 48 hrs prior to surgery.

After evisceration of sterile, saline-soaked dressing

Obtain vital signs to assess for shock.

Unexpected finding of nurse caring for pt in postoperative period

Urine output of 20ml/hr.

Monitoring Anectine during surgical procedure

Administer dantrolene if nurse thinks client develops malignant hyperthermia.

Postop after surgery, NI nurse perform prevent resp. complications

Advise client to splint the surgical incision when coughing and deep breathing.

Pt has penrose drain in place.

Use sterile technique when performing dressing changes.

Jackson-Pratt drain in post-op.

empty and compress the drain reservoir as needed.

NG tube low suction following gastrectomy PCP

Gastric Distension

Client understanding of procedure undergoing moderate sedation for bronchoscopy

Expect to feel sleepy for several hours after the procedure.

Post total hip arthroplasty, increased risk for infection

Long-term use of corticosteroids.

Further teaching of client after abdominal surgery

I will remain on bed rest until my follow-up appt. with my doctor.

Preop teaching performed gastrectomy be performed in 1 week. Pt is anxious

Provide concise, factual information.

Pt. need further teaching for client having mastectomy

Wait until a week after surgery to start hand strengthening exercises.

Client discharge in PACU

Able to move all four extremities on command.

Postoperative period has PCA pump include in teaching

don't allow family members to push PCA button if you are asleep.

Potassium level 2.8

low in client risk for cardiac dysrhythmias.

Insert nasal airway

Surg. To PACU and pts tongue swollen and obstructing airway.

Assess first in PACU

Client post thoracotomy w/ chest tube 150mL of bright RBC in chamber.


First sensation to come back after anesthesia.

Reports of chest pain and SOB

PACU after total knee arthroplasty to tell PCP.

Support bony prominences with foam padding

Prevent neuromuscular comp. during surg. Procedure on a client.

Prevent thrombi in postop nurse

instruct client to perform dorsal/plantar flexion of feet every hr.

Vaginal hysterectomy 2 days ago right calf be red, edematous and warm to touch

elevate right extremity.

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