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  1. Which of the following was NOT part of the program put forth in Russia by modernizer Count Sergei Witte?
  2. After 1910, population growth in Europe:
  3. Mass-made clothes in Germany were generally tailored:
  4. Who did Napoleon III appoint to redesign Paris, with a partial goal of widening the streets to make for an easier response to insurrections?
  5. ___________was a wealthy Jewish man from London who was elected to Parliament several times but who failed to be seated because he would not take the Christian oath.
  1. a declined or stayed the same.
  2. b Lionel Rothschild
  3. c An end to protective tariffs
  4. d at home by independent workers.
  5. e Baron Georges Haussmann

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  1. improved
  2. Union of German Women's Organizations
  3. The Bloody Sunday shootings
  4. danger to social stability.
  5. organized anti-Semitism.

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  1. The International Working Men's Association, known as the First International,:was short-lived but had a profound impact on socialist efforts in Europe.


  2. What was a contributory factor to the migration of Europeans?declined or stayed the same.


  3. With relation to labor unions, Napoleon III:allowed weak unions as his power was diminished.


  4. The participation by socialists in the French cabinet was called ___________.opportunism


  5. The name given to the practice by Russian police and right-wing groups of conducting riots against the Jews was:A large expansion in the variety of available jobs