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  1. What is testosterone?
  2. What is the second stage; explain?
  3. What is the scrotum?
  4. In the female reproductive system the menstrual cycle triggered by the release of what?
  5. What is the cervix?
  1. a Male sex hormone
  2. b Hormones
  3. c Ovulation (day fourteen) - High LH (pituitary) causes the egg to be released
  4. d Opening between the uterus and the birth canal
  5. e External sack that covers each teste; outside the body to keep the sperm at a better temperature

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  1. Filled with blood in sinuses to allow for an extension; reproduction function transports sperm into female
  2. Tubes inside the testes where the sperm cells are formed
  3. Ovulation
  4. Oviduct
  5. Production of eggs

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  1. Describe Syphilis and its effects?Bacteria infection - destroys nerve tissue - causes blindness - caused madness (to go crazy) - baby can catch - sores on genitals


  2. What are the testes?Male sex gland - produces testosterone in which a large number of sperm are produced


  3. How long is the menstrual cycle?Twenty eight day cycle - one lunar month


  4. What happens as estrogen levels increase; why?The uterus lining thickens because it provides protection for the baby to survive


  5. What is the purpose of reproduction?To create offspring to carry out our offspring; carry on through generations