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  1. In a female what happens in the luteal phase (days fifteen to twenty eight)?
  2. Explain why the female needs a thick uterus lining if fertilization does occur?
  3. Describe AIDS and its effects?
  4. What is the fourth stage; explain?
  5. What is an ejaculation?
  1. a Menstruation (day twenty two to twenty eight) - Drop in estrogen and progesterone causes a breakdown of the endometrium and the unfertilized egg + the extra endometrium is released in a flow of blood; FSH increases at the end of the flow
  2. b To protect the baby
  3. c Kills more people than any other STD's - suppresses the immune system
  4. d Release of semen containing semen
  5. e Development of lining of the uterus

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  1. Production of eggs
  2. Follicle Stimulating Hormone - production of sperm
  3. Twenty eight day cycle - one lunar month
  4. Caused by a virus - sores on genitals - can become blind or brain damage - baby can catch
  5. Menstrual cycle

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  1. Which hormone in the female negative feedback system stimulates the repair of the uterus after menstruation?Progesterone and Estrogen


  2. By what week are all the body system of the fetus present?First month


  3. Which phase is the shortest phase in the cycle; and what hormonal activity begins this phase?Thickens the uterus in preparation for fertilization


  4. What are the seminiferous tubules?Male sex gland - produces testosterone in which a large number of sperm are produced


  5. While progesterone stays the same level what happens to the uterus?Thickens


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