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  1. What is testosterone?
  2. How long is the menstrual cycle?
  3. In what part of the female reproductive system does fertilization usually take place?
  4. What are the two female hormones?
  5. For most females about what age does the menstrual cycle continue to?
  1. a Ovaries
  2. b Twenty eight day cycle - one lunar month
  3. c Fifty
  4. d Estrogen and Progesterone
  5. e Male sex hormone

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  1. All of the eggs
  2. Menstrual cycle
  3. Female - Ovaries and Male - Testes
  4. Pituitary and Hypothalamus
  5. Testosterone - produced in the pituitary gland (brain)

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  1. What is the third stage; explain?Follicle stage (day one to thirteen) - High estrogen in the ovary; the endometrium thickens; high FSH (pituitary) causes the egg to mature


  2. What is the scrotum?External sack that covers each teste; outside the body to keep the sperm at a better temperature


  3. How many sperm cells can fertilize an egg?Female - Ovaries and Male - Testes


  4. What is an ejaculation?Release of semen containing semen


  5. What is the endometrium?Site of fetal development; cool and protects and nourishes the baby