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  1. What happens to the lining of the uterus when estrogen levels rise?
  2. By what week are all the body system of the fetus present?
  3. What are Placentas; and what do they do?
  4. What is the epididymis?
  5. What happens as estrogen levels increase; why?
  1. a Internal development in humans; secretes hormones; site of exchange for hormones and wastes through oxygen and the process of diffusion, osmosis or active transport.
  2. b Thickens the uterus in preparation for fertilization
  3. c The uterus lining thickens because it provides protection for the baby to survive
  4. d First month
  5. e Coiled tube inside the testes where sperm is stored

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  1. Progesterone and Estrogen
  2. A diploid cell resulting from the fusion of two haploid gametes; a fertilized ovum
  3. Sperm cells
  4. Day 14
  5. Filled with blood in sinuses to allow for an extension; reproduction function transports sperm into female

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  1. What does the fluid that provides energy for the sperm cells come from?Ovulation


  2. What are follicles?Clusters of cells that surround the egg that is located in the ovary


  3. When a mature egg leaves the ovary, where does it enter?Oviduct


  4. If the egg is not fertilized, a particular hormone falls below a certain level and the signals start menstruation; what hormone?Estrogen


  5. How long is the menstrual cycle?Female sex gland that contains the egg (gametes)