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  1. What gland secretes FSH?
  2. What is the endometrium?
  3. What does LH stand for; where is it produced?
  4. When a female is born, does her body contain all or none of the eggs she will have in her lifetime?
  5. Describe Gonorrhea and its effects?
  1. a Testosterone - produced in the pituitary gland (brain)
  2. b Lining in the uterus which sheds during menstruation - egg not fertilized
  3. c Treatable with antibiotics - new strains are possible and may not show symptoms but also may cause severe pain - baby can catch
  4. d Pituitary gland
  5. e All of the eggs

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  1. Pregnancy
  2. Tube that runs the length of the penis; a passageway for both urine and semen
  3. Ovulation
  4. Follicular stage; when the egg meets the sperm
  5. Pituitary and Hypothalamus

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  1. In a female what happens in the flow phase (days one to fourteen)?Development of egg and ovulation


  2. What are follicles?A diploid cell resulting from the fusion of two haploid gametes; a fertilized ovum


  3. What gland secretes estrogen?Female - Ovaries and Male - Testes


  4. What is the fourth stage; explain?Menstruation (day twenty two to twenty eight) - Drop in estrogen and progesterone causes a breakdown of the endometrium and the unfertilized egg + the extra endometrium is released in a flow of blood; FSH increases at the end of the flow


  5. What is the first stage; explain?Corpus Luteum (day fifteen to twenty one) - High LH (pituitary) levels causes the ovary to produce progesterone and high progesterone maintains the endometrium for pregnancy