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  1. What is the third stage; explain?
  2. When a mature egg leaves the ovary, where does it enter?
  3. What is the second stage; explain?
  4. What are the vas deferens?
  5. What is the vagina?
  1. a Tubes that connect the epididymis to the urethra and create a pathway for sperm to travel to the outside of the body
  2. b Ovulation (day fourteen) - High LH (pituitary) causes the egg to be released
  3. c Corpus Luteum (day fifteen to twenty one) - High LH (pituitary) levels causes the ovary to produce progesterone and high progesterone maintains the endometrium for pregnancy
  4. d Entry way for the penis to deposit sperm
  5. e Oviduct

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  1. Treatable with antibiotics - new strains are possible and may not show symptoms but also may cause severe pain - baby can catch
  2. Female - Ovaries and Male - Testes
  3. Progesterone and Estrogen
  4. First month
  5. Pregnancy

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  1. What is the fourth stage; explain?Follicle stage (day one to thirteen) - High estrogen in the ovary; the endometrium thickens; high FSH (pituitary) causes the egg to mature


  2. In a female what happens in the luteal phase (days fifteen to twenty eight)?Development of egg and ovulation


  3. What are the testes?Opening between the uterus and the birth canal


  4. What is the scrotum?Site of fetal development; cool and protects and nourishes the baby


  5. What are the seminal vesicles, prostate gland and cowper's gland?Supply fluid rich in sugar and hormones that allow the sperm to swim; fluid is semen