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  1. Sun belt
  2. feedlot
  3. barded wire
  4. Secondary Sources
  5. Cattle Drive
  1. a Hard and Dangerous work ,
  2. b large pens for cattle
  3. c sharp metal wire fencing
  4. d Is written by a person(s) who where not present in what they are describing
  5. e is the part of the country that has the warm sunny climate all year .

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  1. in the southwest compared with the climate in other parts of the country.
  2. Is that capital of the Spanish Colony
  3. was a Navajo leader that his horses in a New Mexico pasture.
  4. organized an army to march into the southwest
  5. cowboy

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  1. cattle drivetheir cattle up the Chrisholm Trail


  2. Nuclear Energyraising large numbers of animals


  3. Hoganraising large numbers of animals


  4. Dinetaha large farm with grazing land for raising horses, cattle or sheep


  5. Kitt Peak, ArizonaHard and Dangerous work ,