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  1. Cattle Drive
  2. Climate
  3. Nuclear Energy
  4. mission
  5. Secondary Sources
  1. a Spainish built settlements where priest taught native americans about the Christian religion
  2. b Is written by a person(s) who where not present in what they are describing
  3. c that comes from splitting or joining parts of atoms
  4. d in the southwest compared with the climate in other parts of the country.
  5. e Hard and Dangerous work ,

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  1. is informations that comes from someone who took part in what they are describing
  2. large pens for cattle
  3. their cattle up the Chrisholm Trail
  4. sharp metal wire fencing
  5. manufactured airplaines,tanks, bridges, and weapons

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  1. Astronomersare scientists who study planets and stars


  2. Dinetahis Navajo reservation


  3. Joseph Giddena Navajo house


  4. Manuelitowas a Navajo leader that his horses in a New Mexico pasture.


  5. cattle drivecowboys heard cattle together