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  1. Nuclear Energy
  2. Cattle Drives brought
  3. Conquistatdor
  4. Navajo life
  5. The Navajo capital
  1. a Window Rock, Arizona
  2. b spainish solider
  3. c that comes from splitting or joining parts of atoms
  4. d cattle into the southwest
  5. e is a mixture of modern and traditional customs

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  1. a Navajo house
  2. The largest solor telescops is located there
  3. was a Navajo leader that his horses in a New Mexico pasture.
  4. is informations that comes from someone who took part in what they are describing
  5. organized an army to march into the southwest

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  1. Dinetahis Navajo reservation


  2. In 1940's factoriesmanufactured airplaines,tanks, bridges, and weapons


  3. Vaquerocowboy


  4. Climatea Navajo house


  5. Sun beltis the part of the country that has the warm sunny climate all year .