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  1. feedlot
  2. Vaquero
  3. Climate
  4. Nuclear Energy
  5. Cattle Drives brought
  1. a large pens for cattle
  2. b that comes from splitting or joining parts of atoms
  3. c cattle into the southwest
  4. d in the southwest compared with the climate in other parts of the country.
  5. e cowboy

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  1. was a Navajo leader that his horses in a New Mexico pasture.
  2. raising large numbers of animals
  3. The largest solor telescops is located there
  4. a Navajo house
  5. is a mixture of modern and traditional customs

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  1. Cattle Drivetheir cattle up the Chrisholm Trail


  2. rancha Navajo house


  3. Primary sourceIs written by a person(s) who where not present in what they are describing


  4. cattle drivecowboys heard cattle together


  5. When Mexico won it's independence from spainThe southwest became part of the country of Mexico