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  1. cattle drive
  2. Cattle Drive
  3. Vaquero
  4. Joseph Gidden
  5. Kitt Peak, Arizona
  1. a cowboys heard cattle together
  2. b Hard and Dangerous work ,
  3. c cowboy
  4. d Invented barded wire in 1874
  5. e The largest solor telescops is located there

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  1. is a mixture of modern and traditional customs
  2. The southwest became part of the country of Mexico
  3. are scientists who study planets and stars
  4. organized an army to march into the southwest
  5. spainish solider

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  1. ranchis Navajo reservation


  2. Climateis Navajo reservation


  3. Secondary SourcesIs written by a person(s) who where not present in what they are describing


  4. feedlotraising large numbers of animals


  5. herdingraising large numbers of animals