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  1. feedlot
  2. Ranchers drove
  3. In 1940's factories
  4. The Navajo capital
  5. Dinetah
  1. a manufactured airplaines,tanks, bridges, and weapons
  2. b their cattle up the Chrisholm Trail
  3. c large pens for cattle
  4. d is Navajo reservation
  5. e Window Rock, Arizona

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  1. Hard and Dangerous work ,
  2. a Navajo house
  3. is informations that comes from someone who took part in what they are describing
  4. Invented barded wire in 1874
  5. sharp metal wire fencing

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  1. Climateis Navajo reservation


  2. Nuclear Energyraising large numbers of animals


  3. Conquistatdorspainish solider


  4. missiona Navajo house


  5. Santa FeIs that capital of the Spanish Colony