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  1. Manuelito
  2. Navajo life
  3. Astronomers
  4. ranch
  5. When Mexico won it's independence from spain
  1. a The southwest became part of the country of Mexico
  2. b are scientists who study planets and stars
  3. c is a mixture of modern and traditional customs
  4. d was a Navajo leader that his horses in a New Mexico pasture.
  5. e a large farm with grazing land for raising horses, cattle or sheep

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  1. large pens for cattle
  2. in the southwest compared with the climate in other parts of the country.
  3. The largest solor telescops is located there
  4. Invented barded wire in 1874
  5. spainish solider

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  1. Primary sourceis informations that comes from someone who took part in what they are describing


  2. Cattle DriveHard and Dangerous work ,


  3. Sun beltis the part of the country that has the warm sunny climate all year .


  4. The Navajo capitalWindow Rock, Arizona


  5. herdingraising large numbers of animals


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