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What are the 6 major Hollywood based movie studios?
Warner Bros, Paramount, Walt Disney, Columbia, Universal, Fox
Writer's Guild of America
Who is the owner of CMT?
Who is the owner of NBC?
Who is the owner of MTV?
2 basic things to understand about directors
1. The creative leader of the movie is the director (not usually the producer); In television this is not so, but it is the producer
2. The first person a director hires is the director of photography
*The director of photography usually knows the most on the lighting and the technical aspects of the camera
In music, a ____ comes first; in TV, a _____ comes first
demo; pilot
a comic book drawing of a scene, basically like you are reading a comic strip in the sunday paper funnies
to make sure you will have a smooth production
where you make sure everything looks and goes right
post production
where you fix everything
major music trade publication
major hollywood trade publications
The Hollywood Reporter and Variety
Types of Programming
1. Original
2. Network
3. Re runs
4. First run orignal programming
5. Network first run
affiliated with national organization; run what network sends them
each individual city that has a TV or Radio station goes to a programming supplier (NBC, universal, etc) and has auction or tries to sell; way you pay is advertising, commercial advertising,
counter programming
when you do something the opposite of whatever is on; example if the bachelor is running, then run something on you channel that will appeal to male audience. Another example=super bowl and puppy bowl
Where are movies made
The home of the movie is Hollywood, but their business offices are almost all in NYC.
Runaway production
run away from Hollywood and films are being made elsewhere, like in Atlanta and Baton Rouge
Film festivals
where a lot of the business in the tv and film industry go on
Biggest film festival in the world
Biggest film festival in North America
Big days for movies to come out
1. Memorial day 2. The wednesday before thanksgiving
Two kinds of movies
1. Star Driven
2. Concept driven
how people get paid pecentage wise
Head of ABC/Disney
Robert Iger
an electrician responsible for lighting on a movie or tv set
a person who moves the equipment, scenery, and props on a studio set
Best Boy
first assistant
Director of Photography
Assistant Director
The biggest honor of music awards
Awards given by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for TV programming.
given by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences
award show for broadway
The "Go Ahead"
Film treatment
Description of film in narrative (story) from as if the writer were seeing the film.
Owner of News Corporation
Rupert Murdoch
When are Billboard music awards?
When are CMT awards?
Auditorium testing
gather people into an auditorium to evaluate music selection; both new and familiar songs; stations considering a format change use this; examine reactions of new format
Hook testing
call people and play part of a song and surveying them
Cue score
a combination of awareness and likability for a celebrity
Broadcast Data Service the company that keeps track and monitors radio air play using computers that identify what records are being played by identifying signature parts of the recording stored in the computers memory.
Basic formats for radio
CHR, country, talk, news, urban, rock, etc
famous words for MTV
"I want my MTV"
site about products that are coming out
music cue
any time music comes into the picture, image can suggest action, emotion, mood (explicit) AND internalized thought, emotion, mood, characterization, abstract ideas (implicit) when composer/director get together to decide on cues, sound provides subtext- can contradict image
Music Supervisor
Rep of studio; works with director to put music in film
Biggest day to release a movie?
Christmas Day
Jingles are a part of which union?
2 kinds of jingles?
custom and syndicated
Technical advisor
hiring an expert, if you make a movie during a specific time period
Musical bed
a piece of music, or part of a jingle, which is intended to be talked over
unit publicist
studio rep with the media; main function is to gather publicity for film
Temp Track
temporary score while putting together film
purpose of music in movies
heighten the emotion
whats the main reason why we have premieres?
5 steps when movie or tv is getting music put in?
1. Hire composer
2. Spot the picutre/tv show to decide where music goes(themes, cues, segments)
3. Composer writes the music
4. Record music
5. Music editor deals with it
Movie studioes/local film house
90/10 split
Spotting Session
Composer, Music director watch what they've done and figure out where they need music
What does it mean when a film is "locked?"
No more changes in the film can be made
What is the first thing the composer writes?
Main theme
How did MTV change the music business?
Changed the editing (film editors saw how videos were quick), the way radio stations played; music influence playlist, changed fashion
Musical Cue
Song, sheet of music
Final cut
final product
What does it mean when a film is dry?
no music, just dialog
people who create sound effects for movies
Wide release v platform release
Wide: Open it in as many theaters as they can
Platform: A movie you're not so sure about. Limited release. Get the word out; Hope is that it will be successful so it will open in more theaters and make more money.
music is put into film to ________ and _________
create emotion and enhance the narrative
4 popular movie release dates
1. memorial day weekend
2. wednesday before thanksgiving
3. July 4
4. Christmas
Types of motion picture music
1. score
2. preexisting song
3. song written for film
Sound design
creates an atomsphere with noise; not a score
what video did dude direct in documentary?
1. Jay Z 99 problems
2. MJ and JJ Scream
10 kinds of movies genres
1. comedy
2. drama
3. crime
4. musical
5. action/adventure
6. horror
7. science fiction
8. War
9. Western
10. Epics
Motion Picture Editors Guild
Who bought LucasFilm
Disney- Bob Iger
5 greate composers
John Williams, Danny Elfman, Mark Mothersbaugh, Hanz Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith
3 kinds of music video styles?
1. Performance
2. Concept
3. Combination
Where do movies make money?
revenue stream
best boy
number 2 guy
number one film
GI Joe Retaliation
number one song
Thrift Shop
number one Tv show
The Voice
5 ways to determine the genre of a film
1. Theme
2. Mood
3. Setting
4. Format
5. Costumes/Dialog/Characters
Frozen List
5 Main Airshifts
1. Morning drive
2. Midday
3. Afternoon Drive
4. Nighttime
5. Overnight
Key demo groups
3 Main Radio Trade Papers
1. R&R
2. Billboard
3. Gavin
Federal Communications Commission - the Federal agency responsible for overseeing all radio-telephone and television originated signals. It issues licenses, rules and regulations.
A slang term that refers to an Arbitron rating period: Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer
The official list of songs a station is playing during any given week.
The board/remote/sports/carts/signal
8 main formats
1. Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR)
2. Urban Contemporary
3. Country
4. News/Talk
5. Adult Contemporary
6. Rock
7. Alternative
8. New AC/Smooth Jazz (NAC)
14 other radio formats
all sports, all news, lite ac, urban ac, r&B oldies, oldies, classic rock, bug band, spanish, contemporary christian, beautiful music, traditional country, religious, classical
8 ways a film makes money
1. local theater-US domestic box office
2. Foreign Theatrical Exhibition
3. Home Video
4. Cable Television (paid)
5. Television in general
6. Foreign Television
7. Selling it to airlines and army bases
8. Merchandise
9. video games and misc
when a song is overplayed on radio
hook test
take a song and using the chords, ask if person has heard the song and if they liked it
also airplay charts and gut also for radio testing
q rating
outcall and ask by showing a picture of actor and ask some questions
auditorium testing
playing key music in large room at hotel with food
how to determine chart
soundscan and Broadcast Digital System
Call Letters
Film Festivals
Cannes (biggest one)
Berlin FF
Venice FF
Toronto (TIFF) in the fall for mainstream movies
Sundance- independent movies
completion bond
a life insurance company and pay production off and now owns negative of film upon death of actor or important role
Kind of TV Shows
Network- NBC, CBS, ABC
Local- 6 'o clock news
Syndicated (first row)- Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc make individual deals
Syndicated (off network)- first network shows and then purchased by other channels (friends, seinfeld, andy griffith)
appointment viewing
making an appointment with yourself to watch a show
American Federation of Musicians
Jingles- musical signatures
custom- original lyrics and music created for your station
syndicated- music from someone's custom package with new lyrics
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
Ed Sullivan
his show became an american institution, smashed all previous viewing ratings with Elvis,
Award shows
Country: CMA, ACM, ACA, CMT
All music: Grammy's
Movies: Oscars, Golden Globes
Worldwide Broadcasters
ZDF- German
BBC- England
RAI- Italy
CBC- Canada
Nippon- Japanese
ABC- Australia
SABC- South Africa
4 biggest broadcasters in our country?
Why do they do award shows?
Biggest stars for whatever business, and you pay them scale (nothing) Win, win for artists (audience to see what they're doing) for award show (to get big stars at their event)
How to be involved with an award show?
2 big things that could hurt you on award shows
1. Live television; could be awkward reading the teleprompter; could look stupid; wardrobe malfunction
2. Musicians- sounding bad
3 seasons in television programming?
Fall season, mid season, summer season
3 seasons for television production?
Production season, off-season, pilot season
Lead In & Lead Out
very successful show as a lead in and a very successful show as the leader out- SAFE AREA; CRADLE
A show that brings someone on the show that is extraordinary or odd (not your regular guest)- makes people tune in more so than usual, President on Grey's Anatomy
Strip Show
A show that is striped across the board, happens every day (Today Show, Oprah, ABC Nightly News)
3 kinds of program sources?
Syndicated Programs- Highest bidder, 1st run, no ones every seen it. Not on one network, whatever station in the market buys it, original (Ellen, Rachel Ray)

Network Program- Involves your relationship- affiliate with ABC, providing them with an audience for your town—PRIMETIME, NETWORK TELEVISION SHOWS (the voice)

Local Origination- The news
Examples of off network syndicated shows?
Senifield, Andy Griffith Show, Friends RE RUNS locally
Film festivals
A lot of people do business with studios, buying films
Biggest film festival in the world?
Cannes Film Festival
--very expensive to attend, big market place to sell your film
Sundance Film Festival
Independent movies
Major movie production centers in the world?
Hollywood, New York City, London, Vancouver, Rome, Australia (Fox)
What studio doesn't make movies?
Raleigh Studios, they just rent facilities
Day parts for radio?
morning, midday, afternoon, night, overnight

most important: morning
Day parts for TV?
Early morning pre 7:00, morning (Today Show, Good Morning America), afternoons (talk shows), Primetime (most number of people watch television 7pm-10pm C; 8pm-11pm)
Best night to watch TV?
Sunday night- most available people to watch television; most people are home (Sunday night football- highest rated)
Worst night to watch TV?
Friday and Saturday night

--there hasn't been a hit show on a Saturday night in a long time
7 Radio Formats plus an artist for each
1. Alternative (Mumford & Sons)
2. Contemporary Chirstian (Matthew West)
3. Country (Carrie Underwood)
4. Hot/Mod/AC (Adult Contemporary)- (Train)
5. Rock (Linkin Park)
6. Top 40 (Justin Bieber)
7. Urban/UAC (Beyonce)
PD? MD? Spins?
PD= Program Director
MD=Music Director
Spins=How many times a song is played
Fastest growing radio format in the country?
Who owns Warner Brothers Pictures/CNN?
Time Warner
The song has been played too much on radio; makes people change the station
2 types of research for music- People at corporate level
1. Callout hook testing- hook is the most important part in the chorus. Find data list and call people up to play hook and ask two questions: have you ever heard this before? And do you like or do you not like it?

2. Auditorium test- same thing, except they do it with more familiar songs with a group of people, older list of songs; same two questions
Actors call
What time actors are supposed to be there
Government organization that licenses for TV/Radio?
FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
Completion Bond
Insurance for movies (Natalie Wood dying during a movie shoot)
Second Unit Director
Main director is working with the star, but if you have a car chase or something without the actors, you can use a second unit director
Biggest 3 jobs in a film?
Director, Director of Photographer, Editor
How a film makes money?
1. Your local theater (domestic theatrical box office)
2. Foreign box office, some cases it's #1 (especially action movies)
3. Home video
4. Television market (paid-paperview, hotels, free)
5. Merchandise (George Lucas- Star Wars, Disney)
6. Other (Video games, sales to military, airlines, etc)
Who bought LucasFilm?
Disney- Bob Iger
Sound Design
Creates an atmosphere with noise; not a score
People would create sound design, but do it with objects. Create sounds that don't exist.
4 popular movie release dates
1. Memorial Day Weekend (blockbusters)
2. Wednesday before Thanksgiving (plays over long holiday weekend)
3. July 4th
4. Friday before Christmas (assuming it's not the next day)
What's the BIGGEST day to release a movie?
Christmas Day
Wide release vs. Platform release
Wide: Open it in as many theaters as they can
Platform: A movie you're not so sure about. Limited release. Get the word out; Hope is that it will be successful so it will open in more theaters and make more money.
What's the main reason why we have movie premieres?
Unit publicist
Every movie that is on location has one; studios representative with the media. Main function is to gather publicity and things so when they are done with the film, they can put together a press kit interviews, going-ons, etc. (pictures of actors in the scene for newspapers/magazines) taken by SKILL MAN who works for unit publicist. Turn their work over to marketing/PR people.
Revenue Stream
Where movies make money
90/10 split
Movies studios/local film house; contract they sign (changes as the weeks progress, scales down)
10 kinds of movies genres
1. Comedy
2. Drama
3. Crime
4. Musicals
5. Action/Adventure
6. Horror
7. Science Fiction
8. War
9. Western
10. Epics
3 kinds of music video styles
1. Performance- usually of bands just performing
2. Concept Video- zero performance, don't actually see or hear anyone sing
3. Combination of performance and concept
How did MTV change the music business?
Changed the editing (film editors saw how videos were quick), the way radio stations played; music influence playlist, changed fashion
What does it mean when a film is "locked?"
No more changes in the film can be made
Final Cut
When movie/tv is getting music put in it (original) it goes through 5 steps
1. Hire composer
2. Spot the picture/tv show to decide where music goes (themes, cues, segments)
3. Composer writes the music
4. Record music
5. Music editor deals with it. Fit it into the production with sound effects, dialogue, make sure it can be heard, etc.
Musical Cue
Song, sheet of music
Spotting Session
Composer, Music director watch what they've done and figure out where they need music
Purpose of music in movies
Heighten the emotion
3 great film composers
1. John Williams
2. James Horner
3. James Newton Howard
Temp Track (temporary)
Editors are putting together the film without a score, and put something into the movie that similar while waiting for actual score. Don't let composer listen because they will get that in their head
What is the first thing the composer writes?
Main theme
Picks out for each individual part, trumpet, flute, etc.
What does it mean when a film is "dry?"
No music, dialog
Technical Advisor
Hiring an expert, if you are making a movie during a specific time period (clothing, language, etc) war movies, etc
2 kinds of jingles
1. Custom Jingle- Make up everything from scratch
2. Syndicated Jingle- Put custom lyrics on top of an existing track
Music supervisor
Representative of studio; works with director in putting music in a film
Musical Bed
A piece of music, or part of a jingle, which is intended to be talked over
Jingles are part of which union?
Trade Publications
Variety - bible of the entrainment industry, good source for 10 things to talk about
Hollywood reporter
Walt Disney Company
American Owned, founded by Walt Disney
Walt Disney picture company
Disney channel
Warner Brothers
Movies, tv shows, and they rent out their studios
Weather channel
Comedy central
News Corp

20th century fox
National geographic
The Times
Japanese owned

Movies, games, tvs, computers, music
somebody who takes care of plants on a movie set
Raleigh Studios
Rents out studio space
Pinewood studios
007 soundstage
Screen actors guild(movies)
drivers union
directors union
minimum you can pay a union member
Crew union (electricians, makeup artist, hair, gaffers)
American Federation of Music
represents musicians emplyed in live and recorded performances throughout the US and Canada
Writers Guild of America, West
Writers Guild
Radio callsigns
Wsmv comes from wsm -
call letters - 3 or 4 letter signs
East starts with w
West of the Mississippi start with a k
Canadians start with c
Mexican stations start with x
Order of the TV networks
Then came fox
Camera department
head is cinematographer/director of photography
Production Department
This is the department which is actually responsible for making the movie or tv show.
Food Department
in charge of food on the set
Makeup and hair department
in charge of makeup and hair
Props department
in charge of props
sound department
directly involved with creating a movies soundtrack
art department
section of a productions crew concerned with visual artistry. Overseen by production designer/art director
Budget breakdown
finding out what it is going to take take the film (how many actors, crew, equipment, locations, shot order)
2 things you can't control
sickness and weather
3 parts to movie, tv show, music video
Post Production
-source material turned into something to be filmed (screenwriter), hire producer/director(boss, captain of the ship), director of photography, production designer, lead man (assistant set decorator), set dresser
making of the show, video, movie
Post production
person in charge of guns
In charge of animals
Best Boy
number two in command
Swing gang
crew who makes last minute set changes
tv show demo
one page summary of the idea
visual layout of the way the movie or show should go
green light
idea approved
studio/money guys uncomfortable with idea and doesn't believe in the movie
tent pole
movie that generates cash and profits (aka Harry Potter, James Bond)
Above the line expense
creative pay
Below the line expense
once movie is rolling in production and post production
Honey Wagon
carries the toilets
producers guild
Casting Society of America
Union for casting agents
Bob Iger
head of disney
handles equipment
dailies or rushes
the first positive prints made from the negatives photographed on the previous day. Can be viewed as an indication of the films progression
post production supervisor
oversees post production, reports to producer. In charge of finishing the film on time and on budget while satisfying the wants of the director
location scouts guild
lobby for things the industry needs, in charge of ratings
british oscars
given by the National academy of television arts and sciences
given by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences
shooting script
the script from which the movie is made containing numbered scenes and technical notes
What is a callsheet
The daily call sheet is a filmmaking term for a sheet of paper issued to the cast and crew of a film production, created by an assistant director, informing them where and when they should report for a particular day of shooting
Director of Photography (cinematographer)
Unit Manager
production assistant
Executive producer
either assistant director or associate director
south Africa
Abc, NBC, CBS, fox, PBS
Movie Genres
action, comedy, western, drama, fantasy, musical, drama, biography, war, sci-fi
Weakest months to release movies
January and August
Best Movie release dates
Memorial day weekend, Wednesday before thanksgiving, 4th of July, Friday before christmas
Worst weekends for movies
Easter, super bowl
What cannot be controlled?
Health and Weather
Jeff Zucker
to become president of CNN in January.