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  1. suspension
  2. reactants
  3. gravity and inertia
  4. time
  5. distance
  1. a the amount of space between two points
  2. b a mixture in which particles can be seen and easily separated by settling or filtration
  3. c seond, minute, hour, day, and year are all units of...
  4. d substances that start a reaction
  5. e what two forces keep objects in orbit? (in alphabetical order)

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  1. a reaction that releases heat
  2. substances that are formed as a result of a chemical reaction
  3. force equal and opposite to the weight of an object
  4. inner atmosphere of the sun
  5. As you coast down the hill on your bike, you accelerate at 0.5 m/s2. If the total mass of your body and the bicycle is 80 kg, with what force is gravity pulling you down the hill?

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  1. corean object in space made mostly of ice and dust, has a tail that always goes away from the sun due to solar wind


  2. latent heateverything that has mass and takes up space


  3. concentrated solutiona solution in which so much solute is dissolved that when more is added, it settles on the bottom


  4. Milky Way Galaxythe spiral galaxy to which our solar system belongs


  5. weighta huge cloud of dust and gas from which stars form