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  1. fluid
  2. 2
  3. valence electrons
  4. radiation zone
  5. repeatable
  1. a number of electrons in the outermost orbit of the atom
  2. b a=f/m (number of Newton's law)
  3. c the part of the sun right after the core
  4. d anything that flows (liquid or gas)
  5. e if the same experiment is done by some other person in the exact same way, they should get the same results.

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  1. force equal and opposite to the weight of an object
  2. inner atmosphere of the sun
  3. saturn's largest moon
  4. 4 g/cm3A solid brass block measures 2 cm x 2 cm x 3 cm and has a mass of 48. Find the density (include units)
  5. the spiral galaxy to which our solar system belongs

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  1. covalent bonda bond formed by the sharing of electrons


  2. main sequencethe kind of star that is in the main part of its life cycle


  3. buoyancycharged atom


  4. mattera chunk of burning rock traveling through Earth's atmosphere


  5. organic compoundscomes from living things