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  1. gas planets
  2. amu
  3. solute
  4. volume
  5. white dwarf
  1. a jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune
  2. b a substance that is present in a solution in a smaller amout and is dissolved by the solvent
  3. c star after red giant that is very hot but dim
  4. d the unit used to measure the mass of subatomic particles (abbreviation)
  5. e space occupied by an object

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  1. charged atom
  2. seond, minute, hour, day, and year are all units of...
  3. everything that has mass and takes up space
  4. the sum of all the forces on an object
  5. if the same experiment is done by some other person in the exact same way, they should get the same results.

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  1. a=f/mformula of acceleration


  2. black dwarfa white dwarf star that was stopped glowing


  3. Jupitereverything that has mass and takes up space


  4. 2For each and every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (number of Newton's law)


  5. weightsaturn's largest moon


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