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  1. polymerization
  2. indicator
  3. latent heat
  4. organic compounds
  5. phases of matter
  1. a the addition of small molecules to make a larger molecule
  2. b a compound that changes color in the presence of an acid or a base
  3. c the different forms matter can take (SLGP)
  4. d the heat absorbed or evolved during change of state
  5. e comes from living things

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  1. a chunk of burning rock traveling through Earth's atmosphere
  2. substances that are formed as a result of a chemical reaction
  3. an object in space made mostly of ice and dust, has a tail that always goes away from the sun due to solar wind
  4. space occupied by an object
  5. a change that transforms one kind of matter into another kind which may have different properties

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  1. spectroscopya method of studying an object by examining the visible light and other electromagnetic waves it creates


  2. group(small) unit of density (using mL)


  3. valence electronsnumber of electrons in the outermost orbit of the atom


  4. 1an object at rest will remain at rest until a force is applied/an object in motion will continue in the same motion until a force is applied (number of Newton's law)


  5. g/mLseond, minute, hour, day, and year are all units of...