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Physical Therapy Assistant Intro


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Mary Mcmillan
Who was the first physical therapist in the United States
Disability Model
Pathology, Impairment, Functional Limitation and Disability
Aerobic Capacity
Ability to use the body's oxygen uptake and delivery system
Anthropometric Characteristics
Body measurements and fat composition
Arousal, attention and cognition
Degree of responsiveness and awareness
Assistive and adaptive devices
Equipment to aid in performing tasks
Analysis of blood and lymph movement to determine adequacy of cardiovascular pump, oxygen deliver, and lymphatic drainage.
Cranial/Peripheral nerve integrity
Assessment of sensory and motor functions of cranial and peripheral nerves.
Environmental, home, and work baarriers
Analysis of physical restrictions to functioning in the environment.
Ergonomics and body mechanics
Analyses of work tasks and postural adjustment to perform tasks.
Gait, locomotion, and balance
Analyses of walking, moving from place to place, and equilibrium.
Integumentary integrity
Health of the skin
Joint integrity and mobility
Assessment of joint structure and impact on passive movement
Motor function
Control of voluntary movement
Muscle performance
analysis of muscle strength, power, and endurance
Neuromotor development and sensory integration
Evolution of movement skills and integration of information from the environment.
Orthotic, protective, and supportive devices
Determination of need for fit of devices to support weak joints.
Analysis of intensity, quality, and afrequency of pain
Analysis of body alignment and positioning
Prosthetic requirements
Selection, fit and use of prostheses
Range of motion
amount of movement at a joint
Reflex integrity
assessment of developmental, normal, and pathological reflexes
Self-care and home management
Analysis of activities necessary for independent living at home
Sensory Integrity
Assessment of peripheral and central sensory processing, awareness of movement, and position
Ventilation and respiration / gas exchange
Assessment of movement of th eair into and out of thelungs, exchange of gasses, and transport of blood to perform activities of daily living and exercises.
Work, community and leisure integration or reintegration
Analyses to determine whethe rthe patient/client can assume a role in community or work