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Chapter 17-19 Study Guide

What is gerontology?
The scientific study of ageing
When do the greatest number of deaths occur in the human life cycle?
Between the ages of 70 and 80
that is the single largest factor that determines the trajectory of an adult's physical or mental status beyond age 85?
What is the relationship between disability and active activity among older adults in the U.S?
Nearly all those over age 85, report significant difficulty performing basic daily activities.
Why are burns more common in late adulthood?
Lost of sensitivity to heat and a slower reaction time lead to increases and accidental burns.
What is satiety ?
The sensation of fulness
What is the definition of Alzheimer's disease?
Very severe form of dementia for with the cause is unknown.
What is an early stage characteristic of a person who has Alzheimer's disease?
Propensity toward repetitive conversation.
How is poor health and depression related in late adulthood?
It's the strongest predictor of depression among older adults
What is the most effective treatment for depression in older adults?
The combination phsyco therapy and anti depressant medication.
What is wisdom?
A cognitive characteristic that includes accumulated knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge to practical problems of living , popularly thought to be more commonly found in older adults.
What is Baltes's criteria for defining wisdom?
Factual knowledge, procedural knowledge, understanding the relevance of values, understanding the relevance of context and recognition that it is impossible to know in advance how any decision will ultimately affect one's life.
What are Cohen;s phrases and key features of each phrase?
Summing up things.
Based on activity theory, what could older adults do to have the most psychologically and physically healthy response to old age?
Activity theory maintains the highest possible activity level and the largest possible number of roles.
What is the most common effect of activity upon later life?
they have greater life satisfaction and morale.
What is the paradigm of successful aging proposed by Rowe and Kahn?
Successful aging integrates components of physical cognitive and social health that are influences by earlier behaviors and decisions.
What component of social support seems to be most meaningful in elderly adults?
The opportunity to reciprocate and give support as well as receive it
What is religious coping?
The tendency to turn to religious beliefs and institutions in times of stress or trouble.
What is the definition of spirituality?
A tendency to focus on the aspect of life that transcends one's physical existence
What is an accurate description of partner relationship in later life?
Older couples report lower levels of conflict in their relationship than middle aged couples.
How do positive effects of marriage on physical and psychological functioning of older adults affect men and woman?
They occur in both woman and men but are generally greater in men then in woman.
Summarise the research findings regarding older adults' relationships with their children.
Healthy relationships with their children contribute to happiness and well being but are not necessary for it.
Why are sibling relationships likely to become more important in late adulthood?
Sibling share reminisces and companionship and provide each other emotional support.
What is the largest source of income for most elderly adults in the united states?
Social security.
What effect is retirement likely to have on health?
Little or no effect.
What is social death
It is when a dead person is treated like a corpse by others.
How is a person legally dead?
when the brain stem is dead and there is no independent body functioning
What is the most significant meaning of death for most adults?
how does thinking about time change in middle adulthood?
Thinking in terms of time until death rather than time since birth.
What do older adult fear most about death?
They fear the uncertainty before death such as where they will die and who will care for them.
Describe the fear of death in older adults.
Old age is the time where death is not most feared.
What is a living will?
Written document, directing family not to allow any artificial or heroic steps to be taken in a life-threatening event.
What are typical aspects of the preparation of death in late adulthood?
Taking practical steps, Such as making a will or preparations for burial, reminisce, and acceptations , personality characteristics such as dependency and warmth.
What are the common functions of death rituals?
Helping family and friends manage grief by having a specific set of roles, Bringing family members together in unique ways, establish shared milestones for families.
What circumstances of death would be likely ti elicit the most intense grief responses, possibly including post_traumatic stress disorder symptoms, from survivors?
Sudden and violent deaths evoke more intense grief.