career planning exploring your interest


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why should you think about your interests when searching for a career
people find their work in are more likely to be happy and successful
list the four stages of ability development provide an example of a person developing a specific ability what would each digit
novice, appearance, Master, Mentor. Students examples will vary but should follow the model. one taking a class have someone teach you about the parts of a car traffic laws Etc two practice driving with parent or teacher 3dr on ohm accident-free allow for traffic laws for teach someone else how to drive
risk is a work value that would fit a police officer
list six areas of Interest
the Arts, business, crafts, office operations, science, social
how are aptitudes and abilities difference
the attitude is a natural talent, and a person with an attitude has the potential to learn the skill easily and quickly. Abilities are skills that have already been develop
a successful lawyers main interest area would be
what can you do to help identify your attitudes and abilities
first you can simply brainstorm a list of your skills. If you aren't sure what you are good at, your friend and family are always a great resources to run to. They have good idea of your skills others can sometimes see your altitude when you yourself cannot see them. We can also create a chart to break down categories, it may help you identify skills if you think of them in specific categories.
Define lifestyle goals and list three questions you should ask yourself as you consider your future lifestyle
lifestyle goals are the ways you want to spend your time energy and resource and your future questions Tunes may ask themselves can include the three of the following, what do I want to accomplish in life? Where do I want to live? How do I want to spend my free time? Do I want a lot of money or just enough to be comfortable?
Justine was interested in learning how to play piano she has become very accomplished and has been teaching her own students what stage of ability developed is Justine
a nurse police officer and teacher would all have---- interest