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Red bone marrow is the point of origin of all immune cells of the lymphatic system.
True or False


Mucous membranes prevent most pathogens from entering the body because of the stickiness of the mucus and the presence of lysozymes.
True or False


Pus is made of dead neutrophils, macrophages, and other tissue debris from a damaged tissue.
True or False


Some antibodies against foreign antigens can react to similar self-antigens causing an autoimmune disease.
True or False


Lymph is similar to blood plasma, but very low in
A. Protein.
B. Carbon dioxide.
C. Metabolic waste.
D. Electrolytes
E. Sodium and potassium

A. Protein.

Special lymphatic cessels called lacteals absorb dietary _____ that are not absorbed by the blood capillaries.
A. Water
B. Glucose
C. Vitamins
D. Amino acids
E. Lipids

E. Lipids

The _____ tonsils are the largest, and their surgical removal (tonsillectomy) used to be one of the most common surgical procedures performed in children.
A. Adenoid
B. Lingual
C. Palatine
D. Pharyngeal
E. Nasopharyngeal

C. Palatine

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