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A leak in a structure of a plant cell resulted in waste materials moving into the cytoplasm of the cell. Which structure most likely had the leak?
All organisms process nutrients. Which sentence best describes how plants and animals process nutrients similarly?
Cells break down nutrients into usable forms.
Which of these must be absorbed by animal cells in order to grow?
Cells take in food for energy. The part of the cell that aids in digestion of the food is the lysosome. What is the main role of lysosomes in the process of food digestion?
breaking down wastes
Look at the Diagram. What does the diagram model?
an animal cell
The basic units of structure and function for both plants and animals are
Which one of these is not a characteristic of an animal?
is multicellular with cells that have cell walls
Look at the diagram modeling some parts of a plant cell. Which cell part missing from this model is found in plant cells but not in animal cells?
a chloroplast
Which part makes a plant cell different from an animal cell?
cell wall
An athlete is running a race. The athlete's body needs energy. Which organelle(s) in the athlete's cells supply the energy for cellular functions?
The cells of a plant help the plant maintain its life functions. What part of a plant cell has the function of producing sugar in the presence of sunlight?
Which structures are common to both plant and animal cells?
cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondrion
How does the cell wall of a plant cell compare to the plasma membrane of an animal cell?
The cell wall provides structure and support; the plasma membrane controls the substances that enter and leave the cell.
In which organism can cell walls be found?
What is the main function of the cell wall in a plant cell?
to give structural support
Look at the diagram. What does the diagram model?
a plant cell
A student studied an animal cell under a microscope. The student made a drawing of the cell and labeled some of its parts. Which label should the student write in place of the question mark?
cell membrane
Which of these can only be found in a plant cell?
a chloroplast
Which of these structures in a plant cell allows a plant to make food?
Cells perform many different processes that an organism needs to survive and grow. Which is the main function of the process of cellular respiration?
the release of energy
Which of the following allows materials to enter and leave a cell?
cell membrane
Tina observed a cell under a microscope. She concluded that it was a plant cell instead of an animal cell. Which structure helped her come to this conclusion?
She saw a chloroplast, which animal cells lack.
Which function makes a plant cell different from an animal cell?
ability to convert sunlight into energy
A student compares a plant cell to an animal cell. Which structure will the student find ONLY in the plant cell?
Which of these could only be found inside a plant cell?