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Phillips Exeter Academy Interview Questions

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I wish to get an excellent education in a beautiful location with access to top-quality facilities, travel opportunities. Exeter has a huge variety of sports and an environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and encourages interdisciplinary teamwork.

I want to be challenged, to make lasting friendships, to learn in an environment where learning is paramount and so that I can pursue academic, social, athletic and community service opportunities that wouldn't have accessible in one place elsewhere.

I choose Exeter because I want to be with other people who love learning, and I want the chance to travel abroad and take classes like advanced science and math.

I am a big believer in helping each other to succeed, which is one of your mottos, non sibi, and strengthen us as one community and I have been consistently doing so, in my years of grade representative in ASD for last 3 years.

It's a high school with a ton to offer academically, a beautiful setting, and faculty who seriously care about teaching and about their students.
Phillips Exeter also has the largest high-school library in the world.

Phillips Exeter has developed the well-known and effective method of teaching, called Harkness Table, where students are seated in a large, oval configuration to discuss ideas in an encouraging, open-minded environment with on the required amount of guidance from the teacher. The main goal of this method is to encourage students to come up with their own ideas, learn a good reasoning, and discussion skills.

I am excited to absorb as much as Exeter has to offer and I can take, to instill such fine qualities/practices in me, to succeed in life.