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  1. taciturn
  2. audacious
  3. loquacious
  4. pique
  5. torpor
  1. a resentment at being slighted.
  2. b untalkative, silent.
  3. c daring; bold.
  4. d lethargy,sluggishness, dormancy.
  5. e Talkative, garrulous

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  1. an outcast, a rejected and despised person.
  2. varied, motley, greatly diversified.
  3. cheap, gaudy, showy, tacky.
  4. hard and inflexible, unyielding.
  5. sweetly flowling; usually used to describe use of words (sweetly flowing words, as when the speech is characterized by high volubility.)

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  1. pilloryagreeably pungent, stimulating.


  2. harrowto distress, create stress or torment.


  3. piquantresentment at being slighted.


  4. tenacitycheap, gaudy, showy, tacky.


  5. ardorto distress, create stress or torment.