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Time period after the civil war

Andrew Johnson

president after licoln


how many terms did Johnson serve


what was Johnson's political party

no vp

what was different about Johnson's presidency


Johnson was a champion of the ...

William Seward

secretay of state for Lincoln + Johnson who buys Alaska

7.2 million

how much money did Seward give Russia for Alaska


a society that formed in the south that threatened and killed blacks


how many votes was johnson aquitted by

Thadeus Stevens

A congressman from PA that was a leader of the radical republicans who impeached johnson

Charles Sumner

a leader of the radical republicans who made a comeback after being beaten with a cane

Tenure of Office Act

president can't fire anybody without senate aprooval

Edwin Stanton

Johnson's secretary of war

House of Representatives

who impeaches a president


who is the jurry in an impeachment trail


fraction of votes needed to be found guilty in an impeachment trial


what amendment ended slavery


what amendment garunteed citizenship rights for blacks


amendment that gives blacks the right to vote

Freedmen's Bureau

government agency that provises releif to all people in the south


how many african americans were in state legislatures


how many black house members


how many black senatrors

Hiram Revels

african american who took jefferson davis's senate seat

civil rights acts

-provided blacks with the same legal rights as whites
-allowed to sue public establishments for discrimination

Freedmen's Bureau

group that gave food and clothing, schools, hospitals, colleges, and orphanages for blacks

black codes

laws that limited the freedoms of blacks
-not allowed to serve on jury
-poll tax
-literacy test

poll tax

tax before voting

grandfather cluase

neither literacy test or poll tax aplied to those who could vote before 1867 (14th Amendment) or whose father or grandfather could vote

Ku Klux Klan

-used violence and terror to stop blacks and republicans from voting
-assualted republican politicians
-burned schools, homes, and churches


putting a person to death by mob action without due process of law

Jim Crow Laws

seperation/segregation of the races
-different hotels/schools

Plessy vs Ferguson

supreme court rulling 7-1 that segragation was legal if equal quality

Brown vs Board of Education

overturned plessy vs ferguson


blacks stayed on plantations to farm rented land paid with majority of harvest


emancipated slave


president after johnson


number of Grant's terms

west point

where did Grant get an education

corruption and scandals

what was a major problem with Grant's presidency


northern republicans who went to the south to profit from reconstruction


native southeners preying on the defeated confederacy

panic of 1873

panic during grant's presidency


who was an advid drinker and smoker who dies of throat cancer

Rutherford B Hayes

president after Grant


number of Haye's terms

Lemonade Lucy

wife of Hayes who pushed for pro abition


did Hayes' wife pass college


president who fights corruption

merit system

Haye replaces the spoils system with the ...

merit system

appiont people based on ability not personal party ties

election of 1876

what election was a scandal

Samuel Tilden

Democrat from NY who ran against Hayes


how many disputed votes where there

Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, Oregon

what states had disputed votes


how many disputed votes from LA


disputed votes from FL


disputed votes from SC


disputed votes from Oregon

electoral comission

group apointed by congress to investagate the disputed votes


all the disputed votes went to

compromise of 1877

-Democrats accepts Hayes victory
-republicans remove troops from the south
-reconstruction is over

1865 to 1877

what year does reconstruction start and end

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