50 terms

psych exam 4

young teens are most likely to start smoking in order to
facilitate their social acceptance
reaction formation refers to the process by which people
consciously express feelings that are the opposite of unacceptable unconscious impulses
indivduals from individualist cultures are ____ likely to commit the fundamental attribution error than people of collectivisitc cultures
according to the DVD, the psychopath under investigation was from what company?
mental health workers label behavior psychologically disordered when they judge it:
atypical, disturbing, maladaptive, and unjustifiable
a hormone that increases heart rate, BP, and blood sugar levels in times of emergency is:
the experience of multiple personalities is most likely to be characterized by:
a massive dissociation of self from ordinary consciousness
the general adaptation syndrome describes stages in the:
body's response to prolonged stress
people tend to ____ their daily calorie intake and _____ their daily PA
the perception that one's fate is determined by luck reflects:
an external locus of control
the term psychotic disorders is most often used in contrast to the less debilitating _____ disorders
DSM-IV is widely used for...
classifying psychological disorders
university students were observed to pull harder on a rope when they were pulling alone than when they thought three others were pulling with them on the same rope. This best illustrates:
social loafing
broca's aphasics suffer difficulties in:
producing speech
as her professor distributed the math test to the class, Blair's heart started pounding and her palms began to sweat. These physiological reactions were activated by her _______ nervous system
adina wants advice on ow to cope with the stress of college life. she would be best advised to approach college with a sense of personal:
control and optimism
delusions of persecution are most common among those with ______ schizophrenia
when a mild-mannered woman had an electrode implanted in her amygdala, she:
developed more aggressive tendencies
a generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by:
a continuous state of tension, apprehension, and ANS arousal
lymphocytes are...
white blood cells that are part of the body's immune system
residents of urban ghettos are especially likely to experience:
factor analysis has been used to identify the most basic:
personality traits
carl rogers suggested that the _________ is a central feature of personality
what percentage of individuals in Milgram's conformity experiment shocked people at the XXX level:
the university's psychology department created a new program that applies behavioral and medical knowledge to health and disease..state university will clearly be offering a new degree in:
behavioral medicine
according to the social identity theory, personal self-esteem is related to:
social identities
ksana insists that her boyfriend's car accident resulted from carelessness. her explanation for this accident provides an ex of:
dispositional attribution
according to your DVD on the nind of the psychopath, how much more likely is a psychopath likely to violently re-offend than a non-psycho?
four times more likely
in the stanford prison experiment what job did one of the prisoners pursue 14 yrs after the experiment?
prison psychologist
in the stanford experiment, how long was the experiment supposed to run and how long did it actually run?
2 weeks, 6 days
during the early psychosexual stages, the ID derives pleasure from distinct:
erogenous zones
according to your DVD on the mind of the psychopath, normal individuals score around a 5 on the psychopath inventory; psychopaths score an excess of___ on the same measure
the james lange theory of emotion states that:
an emotion-arousing stimulus simultaneously triggers both physiological arousal and the subjective experience of emotion
according to ur dvd on the mind of the psychopath, dr. hare suggests that traditional therapies used in the criminal justice system to rehabilitate prisoners:
are not effective with psychopaths
in the stanford prison experiment, why was the experiment ended early?
involvement was taken too seriously resulting in unethical behavior
what did the prisoners nick-name the most sadistic guard?
john wayne
according to the medical model, psychological disorders are:
sicknesses that need to be diagnosed and cured
friedman and rosenman referred to competitive, hard-driving, impatient, and easily angered individuals as ______ personalities
type A
Scacthers theory of emotion, participants injected with epinephrine prior to spending time with either a happy or irritated person support the idea that:
our experience of emotion depends on how we interpret bodily arousal
in the stanford prison experiment, what was the reaction of one guard 2 weeks after the experiment?
they were shocked with their level or role playing
which branch of psychology is most directly concerned with the study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another?
social psychology
in which type of disorder is a person's speech likely to be so full of unrealted words and phrases that it could be characterized as a "word salad"
the defense mechanism by which people disguise threatening impulses by attributing them to others is called
who suggested that we feel sorry because we cry...afraid because we tremble
william james
projective tests are most closely associated with the _______ perspective
the foot-in-door phoenomenon refers to the tendency to:
comply with a large request if one has perviously complied with a small request
a condition in which an individual is overexcited, hyperactive, and wildly optimistic is known as:
a manic episode
a psychotherapist instructs Dane to relax, close his eyes, and state aoud whatever thoughts come to mind no matter how trival or absurd. The therapist is using a technique called:
free association
the idea that anger is reduced through aggressive action or fantasy is known as:
catharsis hypothesis
realistic group conflict theory proposes
competition is the root of prejudice and discrimination