50 terms

Jackson Manifest Destiny Unit Test

Henry Clay
ran for president 1824; part of "corrupt bargain"; speaker of house who became Adams' Sec. of State; American System
John Q. Adams
defeats Jackson in 1824 for Pres.; part of "corrupt bargain" - names Clay Sect. of State
General Andrew Jackson
war hero; battle of New Orleans
Pres. Andrew Jackson
opposes National Bank; Indian Removal Act of 1830; increased power of Executive Branch; lost election of 1824 (won popular vote); pres. 1828 & 1832
Martin Van Buren
"Jacksonian"; founding member of the Democratic Party; continues Indian Removal Act as president; Jackson VP; pres after Jackson
John C. Calhoun
former Jackson VP; opposed "Tariff of Abominations"; nullification crisis in SC
Noah Webster
book of spelling and definitions; public education
Charles Grandison Finney
leader/preacher of 2nd Great Awakening; revivalist
Joseph Smith
founder of Mormon faith; Golden Tablets given to him by God, direction and commandments to followers in America
Ralph Waldo Emerson
transcendentalist movement; spoke of following your own thoughts and beliefs
Henry David Thoreau
transcendentalist; follower of Emerson; wrote Walden
Horace Mann
former Mass. Governor; Mass. 1st State Board of Education; pushed for tax supported schools; education reformer
Dorothea Dix
mental hospital care reformer; prison reformer
William Lloyd Garrison
publisher of abolitionist "Liberator"; speaking tours on abolition
Frederick Douglass
former slave from Maryland; self education; follower of Garrison and supporter; speaker on abolition; published newspaper "North Star"
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
abolitionist; Seneca Falls Convention; Women's Rights Advocate; temperance movement
Brigham Young
Mormon migration; Mormon Trail - took Mormons west (Utah & Salt Lake City to practice faith more freely
Stephen F. Austin
founder of TX; encouraged westward expansion of American into TX; pushed for annexation of TX into the US
Sam Houston
TX General; helped settle TX; defeated Santa Anna at Battle of San Jacinto; 1st Pres. of Lone Star Republic
James Polk
Pres of US - expansionist: Oregon, TX and Mexican Cession
Frances Scott Key
author of Star Spangled Banner
Indian chief, supplied by the British to fight the Americans in the Ohio Valley
Little Turtle
Chief of the Miami tribe; defeated by Gen. Anthony Wayne in the Ohio region
Samuel Slater
British man who brought textiles to US
Francis Cabot Lowell
made Boston into manufacturing center; Lowell girls who worked in mills in return for education
Eli Whitney
cotton and interchangeable parts
Aaron Burr
Jefferson's Vice President; killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel
John Marshall
Federalist Supreme Court Justice whose rulings bolstered national power against the states
Lewis and Clark
Explorers who mapped out the Louisiana Territory.
Aided by Sacajawea . Returned with valuable info.
Samuel Morse
Invented the telegraph and code used by telegraph
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
demonstrated a conflict between state and national rights
Marburty v. Madison
Supreme Court case that gave the court power to declare laws unconstitutional
passed to restrict trade with Britain and France
War of 1812
ended with a return to pre-war boundaries between the US and British territories
Trail of Tears
forced removal of Native Americans which ended in Oklahoma
Missouri Compromise
Western territories north of Missouri's southern border were closed to slavery
Adams-Onis Treaty
transfer of Florida to US
"Indian Problem"
Andrew Jackson's plan to remove Native Americans to western lands
Tariff of Abominations
protective tariff opposed by Southern agriculturalists
James Monroe
warned all European nations not to interfere in the Western Hemisphere
Nullification Theory
issued by John C. Calhoun declaring the "Tariff of Abominations" null and void
temperance movement
aimed to eliminate the consumption of alcohol
Erie Canal
365 mile canal built by New York in 1825
2nd Great Awakening
evangelical movement which began in Kentucky and Tennessee in early 1800's
1824 Election
Andrew Jackson won the popular vote, but lost the election
policy of President Jackson in which he placed 2,000 office holders with his own friends and family
believed humans should be self-reliant and act on their beliefs
American System
called for north and south to depend on each other economically
John Sutter
discovery on his property led to the California gold rush
Mexican War
after this, whether slaver should be allowed in the western territories became a major problem for the US