30 terms

List 30 Focus: Multiple Meaning Words

string - noun
a thick thread or cord
string - verb
to connect as in making a line
fight - noun
a battle or combat
fight - verb
to carry on or maintain
track - noun
1.) evidence left by an animal 2.) a guide rail for a train
track - verb
to hunt down
point - noun
1.) a sharp edge 2.) a particular purpose
point - verb
to aim
spring - noun
1.) a coil 2.) the season after winter
spring - verb
to jump or move upwards
place - noun
a particular area
place - verb
to arrange or put down
swing - noun
1.) an object that you set on that goes back and forth 2.) a style of dance
swing - verb
to move back and forth
paint - noun
a liquid that covers up things
paint - verb
to coat, cover, or decorate
block - noun
1.) a wooden piece usually cut into square or rectangle 2.) a stop of an opponent from coming toward you in sports
block - verb
to stop or prohibit from going
dress - noun
1.) a formal piece of clothing for girls 2.) clothing
dress - verb
to put clothing upon
board - noun
1.) a piece of wood cut into a long strip 2.) daily meals
board - verb
to get on a train, plane, boat, etc.
raise - noun
increase in the amount of money for a job
raise - verb
to lift up or increase something
picture - noun
a photograph or illustration
picture - verb
to imagine or see in ones mind
shovel - noun
a tool used to dig up dirt
shovel - verb
to remove from the ground with a tool
dream - noun
1.) images of thoughts while sleeping 2.) a goal or aspiration
dream - verb
to see or imagine