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Alex is standing in line at walmart, man cuts infront of him, says man is rude - psychologist writes down what about alex
he made a dispositional attribution
When someone looks at an image, the retina turns light rays from it into neural messages that go up to the optic nerve so that the brain can interpret them. process is known as
in the levels of processing model memory, information that gets process at a ____ level )such as accessing the meaning of a word or phrase) Is most likely to be retained longer and form a stronger memory than info that is processed at a ____ level (such as the visual characteristics of the word)
Deeper; Shallower
Maria finds that it is easier to remember her student ID if she thinks of it in segments. these are called
Chunking or "stacking"
Micah is trying to remember the specific route he took to the library the night before what part of working memory is he accessing
Visual sketchpad
Jane is taking an exam in her history class. On the exam there is a question that asks her to state and discuss the five major causes... jane had a problem with
Chastity and Shane are fraternal twins, born 17 minutes apart. they go through many of lifes trials and tribulations togehter.... chastity will start going through her pubescent development approximately ____ her brother
2 years earlier
Native American Tribes
Recognized winkte individual
Rashid feels that he was meant to be a woman, even though he is a man. He is contemplating surgery to alter his bodily appearance to that of a woman. Rashid might be suffering from a disorder known as ___
Gender identity disorder
"Look! UP in the sky! its a bird its a plane its superman. If you looked up would you be conforming?
No, conformity requires that you base your behavior on what other people are doing, not what you are told to do
In Solomon Asch's study, which factor increased the rate of conformity
The number of confederates increased
In what way is compliance different from conformity?
Compliance is a response to a direct request, whereas conformity is a response to indirect social pressure
YOu are in the market for a new car. You go from dealer to dealer and find they all follow the same procedure. Every salesperson offers you a soda and asks you totake a test drive. Which two psychological techniques are behind the offer of the soda and test drive
Norm of reciprocity & foot in the door
"mommy, mommy, mommy, your young son ask frantically can we buy a new play station.. you reply no, then can we get a new game for our play station 2? You say okay, this is the ___ technique
Door in the face
Examples of tests that use recognition are ____
multiple choice, matching
The case of Father Bernard Pagano, who was identified by seven eyewitnesses as a criminal, was an instance of ____
false positive
A patients chart indicates he just had surgery to remove his hippocampus as a result of a tumor, what change to you anticipate in the patient after the operation
retroactive interference
malcolm, aged 35, is severly depressed. Because of this he is given......thinks last years episodes are new. Malcolm is showing signs of
retrograde amnesia
Based on the studies of girls who were exposed to androgens before birth, which of the following statements is true?
Girls were found to be more tomboy
WHich of the following is the best description of a "winkte" individual
Person with two spirits-homosexual, male that act as female
Consider the three circumstances.. which is best example of benevolent sexism
Holds door for female, not male
Which of the following statements has research found with regard to androgynous people?
They are highly functioning & effective because they do not limit themselves to one set of gender rules
Vince has always believed children deserve the best prenatal care... He voices an opinion more in keeping with the previous speakers.. Vince's behavior is an example of
While walking through an airport, a well dressed lady walks up to you and pins a flower on your shirt and then asks for a donation. she is using ____
norm of reciprocity
What is the difference between obedience and conformity
Obedience - changing ones behavior at the command of an authority figure. Conformity - changing ones own behavior to match that of other people
Which statement best describes an important finding of milgram's classic research
People will easily obey an authority figure and do harm to others
The effectiveness of memory retrieval is directly related to the similarity of cues present when the memory was encoded to the cues present when the memory is retrieved. What concept does that describe
Encoding Specifity
Talya, a psychology major just conducted a survery for class where she asked students about their opinions regarding evolution. When Talya thinks ack on this experience, which of the following statements is accurate
Talyas ability to recall the factual details about the survey illustrates semantic memory. While her recollections of talking with the students illustrates episodic memory.
The levels of processing model would suggest that which of the following questions would lead to better memory of the word frog?
Would it be in the pond?
Which of the following strategies for gaining compliance discussed by your textbook is least likely to influence an individual from a collectivist culture, such as Japan.
Foot in the door
After agreeing to nats request to share her lecture notes from one class, maria now agrees to nats request to share her notes from three classes. This illustrates
Foot in the door
Dr Cirllo divided her first class period into two groups. One group had to read 20 pages... according to the festinger and calsmith study, what predictions could one make about the remarks of the first class period?
The first-period class would say the pages were interesting but the 2nd would say the pages were boring
Rashid had just had an orgasm. However, his partner is still excited and wants rashid to continue his sexual activity. Unfortunately, Rashid has lost his erection. Rashid is probably now in the
Resolution phase
What have twin studies told us about sexual orientation?
Although supporting a genetic influence on sexual orientation, they do not rule out environmental influences as a contributer
AIDS can be transmitted through
Having unprotected sex, sharing a needle, & giving birth