21 terms

World Geo Ch. 31

Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam are the leading exporters of which crop?
Flooded fields in which rice is grown.
Long, sharp, curved knives used to harvest crops.
Subsistence Crop
A crop grown mainly to support a farmer's family.
Shifting Cultivation
The process of clearing forests to plant fields for a few years and then abandoning them.
coconuts, coffee, palm oil, spices
What are the regional exports of South East Asia?
What country leads the world in teakwood exports?
Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia
Which three countries are the world's leading tin producers?
A metal used in electrical materials and steel, mined in Myanmar and Thailand.
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines
What are the four most developed countries of Southeast Asia?
Textiles, automobiles, consumer goods
What do the industrialized countries of this region manufacture?
Which country has the region's most developed economy due to their investment in an education system in order to allow citizens to work in electronics and service industries?
palm oil, natural rubber, microchips
What are Malaysia's major exports?
The condition of being reliant on one another.
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
An organization who's main goals include promoting economic growth and encouraging cultural exchange between countries.
Water Transportation
Commonality of islands, peninsulas, long coasts, and rivers makes what a major form of transportation?
Free Port
A place where goods can be unloaded, stored, and reshipped without import duties.
Residents often deal with what natural disaster that causes damage to lives and development?
Gunung Agung
What volcano is considered a sacred centerpiece of the Hindu faith of Balinese people.
An area of low atmospheric pressure over the Indian Ocean surrounded by circulating winds extending 100 to 1000 miles.
A tropical storm that forms in the Pacific Ocean usually between July and November.