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Shakespeare in Love Study Guide

April 26, 1564
When was Shakespeare christened?
November 27, 1582
When was Shakespeare married?
April 23, 1616
When did Shakespeare die?
All levels of society/common man
Who did Shakespeare write for and about?
Power, War, Violence, and Passion
What are four predominant topics found in Shakespeare's plays?
When were performances during Shakespeare's time held?
Actors and Costumes
What were used instead of scenery or sets in an Elizabethan theater?
What kind of colors did the common man wear during the Elizabethan age?
What kind of colors and fabrics did the wealthy class wear during the Elizabethan age?
The _____ of clothing also indicated wealth
What color was illegal for anyone below the status of count/countess to wear?
Queen Elizabeth I
Who was the Queen of England in the 16th century?
Helped spread moral disease
Why did London city officials hate the theaters?
Attracted prostitutes, pick-pockets, and con-men, took workers away from their jobs, and close quarters for the audience helped spread the Plague
What 3 things did city officials believe about theaters?
Who were not allow to appear on the public stage of a theater?
In an Elizabethan play, who were cast in the female roles?
A woman
Who was the most powerful person in 16th century England gender wise?
Comedy and Tragedy
What two types of plays did Shakespeare mix together in "Romeo and Juliet"?
"Star-crossed lovers"
How are Juliet and Romeo described as in the Prologue?
His Name
What is the problem Juliet has with Romeo?
Bottom of a tomb
What words did Juliet use in the parting balcony scene that foreshadows her and Romeo's fate?
How does Romeo kill himself?
Stabs herself with a dagger
How does Juliet kill herself?