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MGT Test 3

Aplia Questions
Which of the following is the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities?
Organizational control
Which of the following is a comprehensive management control system that balances traditional financial measures with operational measures related to a company's critical success factors?
Balanced scorecard
In the balanced scorecard, what type of indicators focus on production and operating statistics?
Business process
Kendra is a manager at George's Goodies. On a regular basis Kenra and her subordinates set individual and organizational goals. This process is similar to which component of the control model?`
Establishing performance standards
Tiffany recently discovered that the reject rate for her department exceeded the standard for performance in this area. What should Tiffany do to exercise effective control?
She should investigate and discover the cause of the problem
Mistletoe Corporation has a detailed set of organizational goals and management information system that delivers timely and accurate information. Mistletoe still ahs control problems, however, because its managers refuse to act on the information they receive. Mistletoe's control process has flaws in which of the following areas?
Its ability to take corrective action when necessary
Which of the following includes anticipated and actual expenses for a responsibility center?
An expense budget
Madison has been assigned to work on the development of a budget that plans future investments in major assets, such as buildings and heavy machinery. Madison is working on:
A capital budget
Pauline is an area manager at Ironman Gym. She anticipates her area's needs and formulates a proposed budget every quarter. She then sends this proposal to her manager. This is an example of:
Bottom-up budgeting
The firm's financial position with respect to assets and liabilities at a specific point is shown by its:
Balance sheet
The _________ ratio refers to the ability of the organization to meet its current debt obligation
Which of the following refers to purchase orders divided by customer inquiries?
Conversion ratio
Tammy is a production manager at Eagle's Nest, Inc. She is concerned that too much money is being wasted on inventory that is sitting in the warehouse too long. She should calculate:
An inventor turnover ratio
Net income divided by sales is the correct formula for calculating:
Profit margin on sales
The basic philosophy of control at Nutrients-For-You, Inc. is based on the policies found in the employee handbook as well as strict hierarchy of authority. This philosophy is consistent with ____________ control
Hierarchical control is most consistent with _______ budgeting
Which of the following allows employees to see the financial condition of the company for themselves?
Open-book management
Total quality management is most consistent with _____________ control
Which of the following is a philosophy of organization-wide commitment to continuous improvement, focusing on teamwork, customer satisfaction, and lower costs?
Total quality management
Quality circle are based on the assumption that:
The people who do the job know it better than anyone else
Which of the following is not a contingency factor that can influence the success of a TQM program in positive way?
Managers wait for big, dramatic innovations
Which of these is based on a set of international standards for quality?
ISO Certification
Which of the following is a control system that identifies the various activities needed to produce a product and determines the cost of those activities?
Activity-based costing
Which of the following refers to a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific objective
a team
Which of the following is a characteristic of a group, not a team?
A designated strong leader
Randy is a team a team leader at Welldrilling.net. His team is made up of 15 coworkers. Recently, he has noticed a tendency for some team members to participate much less than others. They seem uninterested and content to let others do the work. This is called:
Free riding
Work team effectiveness is based on three outcomes. They are productive output, capacity to adapt and learn, and:
Tamika is a manager at Large Leaf Enterprises. Recently, she was assigned a work team. She is in charge of the team, and it consists of the subordinates under her authority. This is an example of a:
Vertical team
Nancy belongs to a horizontal team in her organization. She was selected on the basis of her title, not her expertise. The type of horizontal team she belongs to is likely:
A committee
Carolyn is a member of a work team at Creepy Clown's Company. She and her teammates possess a variety of skills and are able to perform a major organizational task with little or no oversight from management. Carolyn is a member of:
A self-directed team
Which of the following types of teams is described as a team that uses computer technology and groupware so that geographically distant members can collaborate on projects and reach common goals?
Josh is a manger at On-The-Go Cars. He recently has read quite a bit of literature on the benefits of work teams. He is particularly interested in forming a vertical team. There are 24 employees in his department. Jose should:
Divide the group into 4 teams of 6 employees each
All of these behaviors are consistent with the role of a task specialist except:
Compromising during conflicts
Which of the following is the first stage of team development?
Which of the five stages of team development is marked by conflict and disagreement?
During the ________ stage, the team leader should encourage participation by each team member.
Kristen, in her role as team leader, has recently switched her style from one of clarifying team roles to one of emphasizing task accomplishment. Her change was driven by a desire to keep pace with her team, which is entering the __________ stage of team development.
Darren and his team have just finished Project A and are preparing to disband. Darren and his team are in the __________ stage of team development.
Which of the following increases team cohesiveness?
All of these
Shared goals
Team success
Shared goals and team success
External competition
The _____________ style of conflict resolution is best when maintaining harmony is important
All of the following are conflict-handling styles discussed in your text except the:
Assertive style
Which of the following is a collaborative approach to negotiation that is based on a win-win assumption, whereby the parties want to come up with a creative solution that benefits both sides of the conflict?
integrative negotiation
Which of the following is not one of the four key strategies for achieving a win-win solution through negotiation?
Keep the demands at the center
Which of the following statements is NOT true about communication?
The most important part of communication is transmitting information
The receiver _______ the symbols to interpret the meaning of the message
The capacity of an information channel is influenced by all of these except:
The ability to minimize costs
Which of these is the richest medium for communication?
face to face contact
When informing your staff of the date for a company picnic, a ____ would be most practical and successful.
The term ________________________ is defined as "an individual's level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication."
communication apprehension
Which of the following is not an example of nonverbal communication?
written memo
Nonverbal messages include all of the following except:
All of these are nonverbal messages
Blushing and perspiring
Voice and mannerisms
Facial expressions
Posture and dress
Which of the following is defined as communication transmitted through actions and behaviors rather than through words?
Nonverbal communication
Which of the following messages is conveyed when a person crosses his or her arms while having to face-to-face conversation?
I don't want to hear what you have to say
Which of the following is not a key to effective listening?
Have preconceptions
A good listener is someone who:
Asks questions summarizes, and listens to central themes
When a professor explains the class syllabus to his or her students, ________ communication occurs.
Information distortion or loss of message content is a major problem with:
Downward communication
A task force made up of representatives from the finance, human resources, and information technology departments uses __________ communication to create a new payroll process
The four primary skills for communicating in a crisis include all of the following except:
All of these are skills for communicating in a crisis

Communicate a vision for the future
Be visible
Get the awful truth out
Maintain your focus
Katie dislikes almost everything about her job. The only reason she continues to work at Mace Autobody is the excellent benefits package she receives, Katie is motivated by:
extrinsic rewards
Which of the following is a content theory that proposes that people are motivated by physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization needs?
Hierarchy of needs theory
Nelson is motivated by a strong need for recognition, and is continually seeking credit for his contributions to the organization. According to Maslow, Nelson is motivated by which category of needs?
The frustration-regression principle is most closely associated with:
The majority of hourly workers at Formatting Unlimited are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. What would Herzberg recommended if your goal were to increase their level of satisfaction
Increase the level of motivators
Denise has a desire to influence others, be responsible for them, and have authority over them. It can be described as her need for:
In goal-setting theory, ____ ___________ refers to the degree to which goals are concrete and unambiguous.
goal specificity
In goal-setting theory, ____ _________ refers to the idea that employees buy into the goals.
goal acceptance
Tim is a manger at Chuck's Construction. He sees little opportunity for advancement at Chuck's Construction, regardless of how well he performs. Which of the following expectancies is low for Tim?
P --> O Expectancy
Bruce publicly praises his employees when they have achieved their goals. Bruce hopes this will increase the likelihood of goal achievement in the future. This is an example of:
Positive reinforcement
One of your fellow team members at work is continually disrupting the team's work with jokes and general horseplay. You hope that by ignoring him he will stop this senseless behavior. You are attempting to use which reinforcement tool?
Which of these pursues task efficiency by reducing the number of tasks one person must do?
Job simplification
Which of the following combines a series of tasks into one new, broader job?
Job enlargement
Which of the following is an important part of the job characteristics model?
Critical psychological stress
Daisy tried to apply the job characteristics model to her workforce, but it only worked for some of her employees. Which of the following may be a reason why it did not work for everyone?
Some of her employees are low in growth-need strength
On the continuum of empowerment, what is the highest level of empowerment that requires the most complex skills?
Which of the following is a situation in which employees enjoy their work, contribute enthusiastically to meeting goals, and feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization?
What is the ability to influence people toward the attainment of organizational goals?
The leader who builds an enduring great organization through a combination of personal humility and professional resolve is a ____ _ leader.
level 5
All of the following are leadership qualities except:
In general, research has found a ____ relationship between personal traits and leader success.
Recently, Beagle Boutique was attempting to hire a middle manager. They were looking for an intelligent, active, and creative individual. Which approach to leadership was Beagle using?
The trait approach
Colleen Farney at TeleTech shows vast knowledge, intelligence, cognitive ability, and keen decisiveness. Which personal characteristic of leadership is she showing?
Researchers at the Ohio State University identified two major behaviors called:
Consideration and initiating structure
The Michigan researchers used the term _______ ________ _______ for leaders who established high performance goals and displayed supportive behavior toward subordinates
employee centered leaders
Which of the following reflects a high amount of concern for people and low concern for production?
Country Club Management
The key assumption of Hersey an Blanchard's situational theory is that subordinates vary in their:
Readiness Level
Blanchard's revised situational leadership theory is based in part on the idea of _______ leadership.
Ryan is a manager at Steve's Stoneworks, Inc. Hersey and Blanchard would consider most of his subordinates highly ready. Based on this, which of the following leadership styles is best for Ryan?
In Fiedler's contingency theory of leadership, he described the favorability of the situation to the leader using all of the following terms except:
personal power
According to Fiedler, in which of the following situations are relationship-oriented leaders more effective
Situations of moderate favorability
A __________ is a situational variable that makes a leadership style unnecessary or redundant.
Ahmad is a new manager at AJ Homes Company. He has absolutely no experience as a manager nor does he know the technology of his department well. These two factors prevent Ahmad from directing his workforce. This is an example of ___________ impacting leadership styles and behaviors.
Which of these is a follower who participates actively in the organization but does not use critical thinking skills?
Which of the following refers to the power coming from a formal management position in the organization?
Legitimate power
Candice uses praise, letters of support, and pats on the back as aways of influencing her subordinate's behaviors. All of these actions are highly valued by the work group. This is an example of:
Reward Power
Beth, a middle manager at Heather's Handbangs, uses threats and punishments as ways of influencing the behavior of his subordinates. Which of the following sources of power is Beth relying on?
Coercive power
The seven interpersonal influence tactics for leaders include all of the following except:
Do not worry about people liking you
Which of the following refers to work behavior that goes beyond job requirements and contributes as needed organization's success?
Cognitive dissonance
Research shows that the link between which of the following is small and is influenced by other factors
Satisfaction and Performance
Which of the following is the process by which individuals screen and select the various objects and stimuli that vie for their attention?
Perceptual Selectivity
Doug wants to look his best when he goes for interviewing, because he knows that first impressions count for a lot. He is focusing on which perceiver characteristic?
_________ describes whether a person who has observed others handle situations in the same way they would.
The tendency to overestimate the contribution of internal factors to one's successes and the contribution of external factors to one's failures is a result of:
Self-serving bias
The Big Five personality factors includes all of these except:
Locus of control
If Ben is tense, nervous, depressed, and insecure, he would tend to be rated as low on which of these factors?
Emotional stability
Managing emotion is a basic component of emotional intelligence. Which of the following best describes managing emotions?
It is the ability to balance one's moods so that worry, anxiety, fear, or anger do not cloud thinking
Which of these styles, according to Jung, avoids specifics, decentralizes decision making, and develops few rules and regulations?
Which of these styles would likely be appropriate for a counseling job?
A widely used personality test that measures how people differ on all four of Jung's set of paired opposites is the:
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Which of the following refers to a change in behavior or performance that occurs as the result of experience?
All of the following are fundamental learning styles labeled by researchers except:
Which of the following describes a person with the learning characteristics of being good at implementing decisions and carrying out plans?
All of the following are things bad bosses do to create stress for their subordinates except:
Tell people exactly what is expected of them