Final - Exam 2 questions

After a High fat meal, which of the following carries dietary lipids in the blood? (micelles, chylomicrons, low-density lipoproteins, very low density lipoproteins)
An herb-derived Sweetener
What is stevia?
How many hydrogens does a six carbon monosaccharide contain?
Which of the following protein structures is not affected by denaturation? (primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary)
An aldehyde group
All of the fallowing are contained in an amino acid EXCEPT (an acid group, an amino group, an aldehyde group, a central carbon atom)
Trans Fats
Gram for gram, what types of fats increases risk of death from CVD the most?
Both are synthesized in the body
Which of the following characteristics are shared by cholestorol and lecithin? (neither provide a source of energy, neither are organic, both are essential nutrients, both are synthesized in the body)
glycogen, protein, and fat
a person who is starving is losing
Proteins attract water
What is the relationship between body proteins and water?
A high concentration of which of the following is characteristic of a high density lipoprotein?
small intestine
The enzymes that digest disaccharides into monosaccharides are produced by the
What amino acid is classified as conditionally essential when dietary intake of phenylalanine is insufficient or the body cannot normally metabolize phenylalanine?
Digested b gastrointestinal proteases
What is the usual fate of orally ingested enzyme supplements.
What is described as a nonstarch polysaccharide
According to the dietary Guidelines, what should be the minimum total fat intake as a percentage of energy intake
Soluble in both water and fat
What is a feature of phospholipids
Muscle and Liver
Glycogen is stored mainly in what tissues
Tissue swelling htat results from water accumulating between cells is known as
Act as messenger molecules
Characteristic of hormones
adequate levels of carbs and fat
Protein sparing in the body is best achieved when a person ingests
Used to form ketones
Sugar only found in animal sources
Canola Oil
Cooking with this fat will help lower blood cholesterol levels
Enzymatic digestion of starches takes place in the small intestine and also in the
Sweetest in taste
Essential long chain fatty acids
What are the precursors for synthesis of the eicosanoids?
Inability of the liver to synthesize lipoproteins for fat export
What is the most likely explanation for the fatty liver that develops from protein deficiency observed in Kwashiorkor?
Linoleic Acid
Which of the following is NOT an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid?
Hydrolyzes blood triglycerides for uptake into cells
What is the function of lipoprotein lipase?
It binds bile and cholesterol in the small intestine and prevents its absorption
How does soluble fiber decrease serum cholesterol levels?
Roasted Turkey
Which of the following foods contains cholesterol? (corn, olives, roasted turkeys, roasted peanuts)
Fish Oils
All of the following are rich sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids except.. (palm oil, fish oils, soybean oil, safflower oil)
The function of transfer RNA is to assist in absorption of amino acids into the cell
Which of the following describes a process in protein synthesis?
Which of the followings is a characteristic of Kwashiorkor but not Marasmus? (dehydration, shrunken liver, edema, low weight for height)
What percentage of the lipids found in foods are triglycerides?