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The search text that you type is called your ____

B) search criteria

Which of the following Send to menu commands copies the file to your computer's DVD drive

DVD RW Drive (D:

The search text that you type is called your _____.

B) search criteria

The search text that you type is called your _____.

B) search criteria

Which of the following Send to menu commands copies the file to your computer's DVD drive?

D) DVD RW Drive (D:)

What is the drive name for the hard drive?

C) C:

The _____ is an area on the right side of a window that shows you what a selected file looks like without opening it.

A) Preview Pane

You move a file using which commands?

B) Cut and Paste

_____ are folders that are inside of other folders.

B) Subfolders

A _____ is a named set of computers that can share information.

B) homegroup

The _____, just below the title bar, shows the location of the files that appear in the File list.

C) Address bar

To navigate _____ in your computer's hierarchy, you can click a folder or subfolder name in the Address bar.

A) upward

A _____ is a three- or four-letter sequence, preceded by a period, that identifies the file type.

B) file extension

The seamless nature of OLE among some applications is referred to as ____.

B) integration

The computer needs additional components called ____ to accomplish its input, output, and storage functions.

B) peripheral devices

Special high-speed memory reserved for the microprocessor's use is called ____.

D) cache memory

Each of the components connected by wires in the above figure is called a ____.

B) node

Which of the following is NOT shown in the figure above?

B) trackball

____ allocate system resources, manage storage space, maintain security, detect equipment failure, and control basic input and output.

D) Operating systems

Which of the following is a personal computer?

C) desktop

RAM is often referred to as ____ memory.

C) volatile

Megahertz is a measurement of ____.

A) the speed of the microprocessor

The physical components of a computer are referred to as ____.

D) hardware

A _____ is a box that turns an option on when checked or off when unchecked.

,C) check box

A _____ is a window with controls that lets you tell Windows what you want.

,C) dialog box

A _____ is a box with up and down arrows; click arrows or type to increase or decrease the value.

,B) spin box

Which option for ending a Windows 7 session closes all windows programs, and documents, then displays the Log In screen?,

C) Log off

The _____ icon on the Help toolbar describes other ways to get help.

,D) Ask

Which of the following is a set of instructions written for a computer?

,A) program

Which pointing device action should you use for highlighting objects or options or displaying informational boxes called ScreenTips?,

,A) pointing

Which pointing device action should you use for selecting objects or commands opening menus or items on the taskbar?

,B) clicking

_____ are small images that represent items such as the Recycle Bin on your computer.

,C) Icons

Which option for ending a Windows 7 session completely turns off the computer?

,A) Shut down

To use the Internet you must have ____.

A) A computerB) An Internet connection C) A Web browser

By default when you print a Web page the current ____ appears in the header and footer.

C) URL, date and time

In the figure above a URL is represented by item number ____.

A) 4

An example of a Web browser program is ____.

C) Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you want to stop annoying windows from opening on your screen that advertise products you may not want you need to enable the ____.,

A) pop-up blocker

Which of the following is NOT a Web search engine?

A) Internet Explorer

Clicking Item 3 in the figure above will open ____.

B) The Favorites Center

Topic searches that limit a search to a subject are available through ____.

A) ExpediaB) AboutC)Wikipedia

An example of a verified security certificate is labeled by item ___ in the above figure.

C) 3

____ is an illicit activity where people send you to fraudulent Web sites to gather your personal information for possible illegal purposes.

D) Phishing

The message ____ contains basic information about the message such as the recipients date and time stamp and the subject.

A) header

To automatically send a response back to the original sender of a message you receive you can use the ____.

C) Reply command

The benefits of using e-mail include all the following except ____.

C) You can send confidential information and files without worrying about privacy issues.

Item 2 in the figure above shows the ____.

C) Recipients

Which of the following programs is type of e-mail software?

B) Microsoft Outlook 2010

A ____ is a stored list of names and e-mail addresses.

B) address book

An example of a file attached to an e-mail message that may be too large for an e-mail system to handle is a ____.

B) Movie

Which is NOT a way to connect to the Internet?

C) Router

Most e-mail programs allow you to set up an ____ response if you are not going to be able to get your e-mail for a specified period of time.

C) automatic

If the subject line of a message is not preceded by an acronym it indicates that the message ____.

A) is new

Which element of the Word program window is used to display different parts of the document?

D) Scroll bars

When you save a document what is the name you give it called?

C) filename

What appears on the screen when you place the mouse pointer under text that was corrected by AutoCorrect?

A) A blue box

What extension do files created in older versions of Word (Word 97-2003) use?

D) .doc

Which type of document would you create with the Word Mail Merge feature?

D) Personalized form letter

Which element of the Word program window displays information about the current document such as number of pages and also includes the view and zoom buttons?

B) Status bar

Which button do you click to show formatting marks in a document?

D) Show/Hide ¶ button

What happens when you click the Zoom level button?

A) The Zoom dialog box opens.

Which Word view displays document text so it is easy to read and to annotate with comments and highlighting?

A) Full Screen Reading

Which of the following cannot be changed on the Print tab in Backstage view?

A) The text of the document

What happens when you click an item on the Office Clipboard?

D) The item is pasted in the document at the location of the insertion point.

How do you open the Clipboard task pane?

C) Click the launcher in the Clipboard group.

Which command is used to display two different parts of the same document in the document window?

C) Split

Which feature could you use to highlight all instances of a word in a document?

A) The Find command in the Navigation pane

Which tab in the Properties dialog box shows information about revisions to the document as well as the number of pages word lines paragraphs and characters in the file?

A) Statistics

What command can you use to quickly move the insertion point to a specific location?

C) Go To command

Which of the following does not happen when you copy an item to the Office Clipboard?

D) The Clipboard task pane automatically opens.

What kind of items can be stored on the Office Clipboard?

D) Items collected from any Office program.

Which of the following is not an option in the Paste Options menu?

D) Match Formatting

Which command would you use to display two open documents at the same time?

C) Arrange All

In the figure above what does label 5 refer to?

A) Change Case button

Which feature allows you to copy multiple format settings at once?

B) Format Painter

In the figure above which label shows text formatted with bold?

,C) 3

Which of the following is true of an inline graphic?

B) It can be moved like text.

What type of indent would you use to move the left edge of a paragraph to the left of the left margin?

D) Negative indent

What are shadows and outlines examples of?

A) Text effects

What are the lines that appear in front of tabbed text called?

B) Tab leaders

In the figure above which button is used to change line spacing?

C) 3

What is the default font formatting in Word 2010?

A) 11-point Calibri

What is a font with a small stroke at the ends of the characters is called?

A) A serif font

As shown in the figure above item 4 points to the ____.

D) Insert Worksheet button

The Excel operator for exponent is ____.

D) ^

You can use a spreadsheet to ____ by using variable values to investigate and sample different outcomes.

C) create what-if data scenarios

You can use ____ to move around in a document that is too large to fit on the screen at once.

C) scroll bars

You can use predesigned formatted files called ____ to create new worksheets quickly.,

C) templates

To quickly jump to the first cell in a worksheet press ____.

D) [Ctrl][Home]

The Undo button allows you to reverse up to _________ previous actions one at a time.,

C) 100

As shown in the figure above item 1 points to the ____.,

D) sheet tab scrolling buttons

A(n) ____ is an entry in a cell that contain text such as "2011 Sales" or "Travel Expenses."

B) label

In Excel the electronic spreadsheet you work in is called a ____.,

D) worksheet

Excel templates include which of these categories?

A) budgets B) timesheets C) expense reports

The item marked as 2 in the figure above points to the ____ button.

A) Copy

An Excel user may paste a range of cells in which of the following locations?

A) the same worksheet where the cells were copiedB) a different worksheet

The item marked number ___ indicates the Clipboard Group dialog box launcher.

C) 3

In the formula =ROUND(D4:F4.0) what does the zero indicate?

A) the number of decimal places in the rounded number

Which tab and group will allow the insertion of rows and columns in a worksheet?

C) Home tab, Cells group

In the figure above item #4 illustrates the ____ button.

D) Fill

Which method of entering a function requires the user to know the name and initial characters of a function?

A) manually typing the function

The file extension .xltx indicates what type of Excel file?

A) Excel template

In the figure above which number corresponds to the Insert Function button?

A) 1

As shown in the figure above item ____ points to the Center button.

B) 5

Double-clicking the column line to the right of a column activates the ____ feature for the column.

C) AutoFit

Font ____ are formats such as bold italic and underlining that you can apply to affect the way text and numbers look in a worksheet.

A) styles

The Find & Select button is found in the Editing group on the ____ tab on the Ribbon.

A) Home

You can change colors patterns and borders of cells by using the Fill tab and the Border tab in the ____ dialog box.

D) Format Cells

You can use colors patterns and borders to enhance the overall appearance of a worksheet and to make it easier to read. One of the ways of adding these enhancements is by using the Border and Fill Color buttons in the Font group on the ____ tab of the Ribbon.

A) Home

As shown in the figure above item ____ points to the button that italicizes text.

,B) 2

A small ____ triangle appears in the upper-right corner of a cell containing a comment.

A) red

As shown in the figure above item 1 is the ____ button.

B) Accounting Format

As shown in the figure above item 2 points to the ____ button in the Alignment group on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

A) Center

While editing a record pressing [Esc] a second time ____.

D) Removes all changes made to the record you are currently editing

A collection of records for a single subjectsuch as all of the customer records, is called a(n) ____.

,A) Table

Which data type links files created in other programs such as picturessound clips, or documents?

,B) Attachment

Which two properties are required for every field?

A) Field Name and Data Type

Item 5 in the figure above is:

C) A field name


queries, and forms are examples of Access ____.,B) Objects

Item 8 in the figure above is:

A) Where a new record would be entered

The term ____ database comes from the fact that two or more tables are linked by a common field.

D) Relational

Which is NOT a feature of Access reports?

D) Easy-to-use data entry screen

A join line is also called a ____ line.

B) Link

To find all records where there is any entry in the field

even if the entry is 0, use which criteria?,B) Is Not Null

Use the ____ command to save the current object with a new name.

C) Save Object As

In the figure above

item 2 points to the ____.,C) Field list

In the figure above

item 4 points to a ____.,A) Field name

In the figure above

item 5 points to the ____.,B) Related fields

When you double-click a field in a field list in Query Design Viewit is,

B) Added to the next available position in the query design grid

In the figure above

which button indicates whether a filter is applied or not?,C) 3

A(n) ____ is a saved view of the data whose criteria is not discarded when you close the datasheet.

A) Query

When you are typing in a text placeholderwhich feature decreases the font size in order to fit the text in the placeholder?,

A) the Autofit Options button

Which of the following ways can you collaborate on a presentation with a group of colleagues?

B) through a shared workspace on the Internet

Themes are found on the ____ tab.

C) Design

Mary is creating a cookbook in PowerPoint for her close friends and family. She uses PowerPoint to enter the recipes in text placeholders and then inserts photographs of the finished products. Mary wants to make sure that her friends do not need to have the same fonts installed on their computers in order to view the recipes properly. She decides to ____.

C) embed the fonts

Tom has just started working as an intern for a local radio station. He is responsible for managing the request line and presenting request trends to management each month. He uses Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to create his presentations. Tom wants to change the look of the slides so he chooses a new ____.

B) theme

Each set of primary commands is organized by a(n) ____.

C) tab

The Slides tab displays each slide as a(n) ____.

B) thumbnail

The pane on the left-hand side contains ____ of the larger slides.

D) thumbnails

Mary is creating a cookbook in PowerPoint for her close friends and family. She uses PowerPoint to enter the recipes in text placeholders and then inserts photographs of the finished products.To take care of the font situation Mary uses the ____

A) Save category in the PowerPoint Options dialog box

After you enter text in a placeholder the placeholder becomes a text ____.

C) object

If you wanted to make precise adjustments to the graphic above you would press and hold [Alt]

then drag the ____.,D) adjustment handle

As soon as you move the pointer over the Mini toolbar the toolbar becomes ____.

A) clearly visible

Hannah has been hired as a graphics consultant to help out a company that is struggling with PowerPoint 2010. They are looking for ways to improve their graphics but maintain a professional appearance to their slide show. Hannah looks at the first slide which shows three bulleted words: Phase 1 Phase 2 and Phase 3. She decides that she can keep this same information but make it more interesting by ____.,

B) converting the bulleted text into a SmartArt graphic

Which key do you press to create a new bullet?

B) Enter

You can press and hold ____ to turn off the snap-to-grid feature.

A) [Alt]

____ spelling in PowerPoint identifies common grammatically misused words; for example if you type the word "their" and the correct word is "there."

B) Contextual

Drag the pane divider line to change the ____ of the Outline tab.

A) width

As you move the pointer over the font names in the font list the text on the slide displays a ____ of the different font choices.

D) Live Preview

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